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LA Eyeworks Prescription Glasses

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LA Eyeworks Prescription Glasses

LA Eyeworks is a luxury brand that has been manufacturing eyewear since 1979. LA Eyeworks launches signature collections of limited-edition eyewear that are sought after by a refined audience worldwide. Because these glasses are distinctly unique, stand on their promise of high quality, and are limited edition, they are sold at premium prices. At SmartBuy, you will find LA Eyeworks frames priced at £314 onwards. 

LA Eyeworks Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

LA Eyeworks eyeglasses are quite unique in their styles and colours because they incorporate modern art into their designs. While some pieces are plain with clear frames, most pieces in the collection have patterns that you won't find anywhere. Many of these designs resemble a candy-like pattern or have gradients with vibrant colours. Because you won’t find these designs anywhere, it is best to use the virtual try-on feature at SmartBuy before making your purchase. This way you’ll know whether the LA Eyeworks style is for you or not. 

LA Eyeworks designs glasses that mimic modern art. The pieces have bright colours and combinations that look like an artist’s canvas. Some designs have serrated edges that you won’t find in any other collection. These designs are perfect for people who are not afraid to experiment with their style. 

LA Eyeworks uses materials like fine acetate and metal for their frames. The manufacturing is carried out in Japan and Italy where they combine advanced technology and the finesse of hand manufacturing. For example, some pieces combine both computer-aided sculpting and hand-finishing to complete the look. But no matter how unique the eyeglass design is, you can choose prescription lenses and other specialised lenses to customise the piece according to your needs.