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John Lennon Prescription Glasses

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John Lennon Prescription Glasses

There are a number of celebrities that are known for their individual glasses look, but no eyewear style has been more recognisable throughout the years than John Lennon’s glasses. He owned the round glasses look and took it to new heights, connecting it with his fun, quirky personality and making him easy to spot amongst a crowd. 


What type of glasses did John Lennon wear?

Even though John Lennon’s glasses changed over the years, they never strayed far from his signature look and only had subtle variations. The core look was comprised of round glasses frames made from metal with a minimalistic feel to them. You can test out the look and try the virtual try-on tool we have provided our customers with to see if you can pull off John Lennon round glasses.


What are John Lennon's glasses called?

Aside from this look being referred to as John Lennon glasses, there are also some other names by which it is known. Granny glasses, panto glasses, tea shades, and Windsor glasses are all synonyms of this iconic style. The frame design emerged much earlier than many think, being adopted by eyewear producers as early as the 13th century. The real explosion onto the eyewear trend scene, however, came in the ‘60s and ‘70s when John Lennon had hit peak popularity during his famous days with the Beatles. 


John Lennon style sunglasses?

John Lennon glasses frames are not exclusive to prescription glasses. They have been such a popular design that there is a demand for John Lennon style sunglasses. The music star was known to use tinted lenses,  but nowadays you can rock his timeless style in the form of sunglasses with UV protection for optimal protection and flair combined. You can also find John Lennon style sunglasses from your favourite brands like Ray-Ban and Ted Baker.