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Harry Potter Collection Prescription Glasses

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Harry Potter Collection Prescription Glasses

Harry Potter is one of the most popular fictional characters in today’s world. Although the last book was released in 2007, the fandom continues strong so much so that comic cons and costume parties all over the world still have people impersonating the character. Harry Potter’s eyeglasses are one of the most iconic features of the character. The round glasses are popularly known as Harry Potter glasses and many people wear them as everyday eyewear rather than just to comic cons and costume parties. 


What styles of glasses are included in the Harry Potter Collection?


Since Harry Potter’s glasses are iconically round, all the glasses in the Harry Potter collection are round-shaped. However, in the movies, Harry Potter wears metal frames, the Harry Potter Collection includes round glasses in plastic and different colors like green, grey, and patterned. The collection also includes metal frames in different colors. So you can pick and choose the Harry Potter round-shaped glasses in the colors that suit your skin tone and style online. 


Are all Harry Potter Collection glasses round?


Yes, all glasses in the Harry Potter Collection are round-shaped. However, the width of the frames and the material (metal or plastic) also contribute to the overall look of the glasses. If you want to choose prescription lenses for your Harry Potter glasses for everyday wear, make sure that round glasses suit your face shape. However, if you’re choosing glasses from the Harry Potter Collection for a costume party, no need to fret about the shape as the iconic round glasses are most important for your costume. 


How to choose the shape of frames for your face?


You can choose the frame shape for your face using SmartBuy’s try-on feature. It will help you decide whether round-shaped glasses are a fit for your face or not.