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Flexon Prescription Glasses

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Flexon Prescription Glasses

In a world where glasses were delicate and broke easily, Marchon Eyewear launched the Flexon material in 1988. This material was revolutionary in optical technology, therefore, Marchon Eyewear patented it. It was a titanium nickel alloy that weighed 25% lighter than other metals. Flexon frames now have advanced memory metal in the bridge and temples that allow them to be twisted and bent. This is a mere showcase of its durability which has made Flexon quite popular amongst the masses.

Flexon Prescription Glasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Flexon frames are made of a titanium nickel alloy that gives it the flexibility and durability that it is known for. These frames are bent and twisted to showcase their durability and flexibility. This material or rather, technology, was launched by Marchon Eyewear in 1988 and patented by them. 

Flexon eyeglasses are perfect for people who don’t know how to find the right fit when shopping for glasses online. These eyeglasses have a memory metal at the bridge that allows them to adapt to different face shapes. However, because the nose pads and end pieces are not made of the same material, they are fine-tuned a little to give each customer a custom fit. 

Because Flexon eyewear is made from a special titanium alloy that returns to its original shape even after being twisted or bent, it is great for people who lead active lifestyles or have rough work. However, because the rubber pads on the nose are not made of Flexon, they can give a bit of trouble to those who sweat a lot during the day or while working. So, for those with active lifestyles, it is recommended to get Flexon glasses that don't have a nose pad.