What are Transition Lenses?


Transition lenses are glasses lenses that react to different levels of UV light and adjust their tint accordingly.  Transition lenses only change their tint when exposed directly to UV light, meaning that they will remain clear when indoors - as artificial light doesn't afftect the lenses. When outdoors, the lenses will adjust their tint so the wearer can see comfotably in all light conditions, while remaining protected from UV rays. These lenses are ideally suited for prescription wearers who want a 2-1 glasses and sunglasses combination.




Photochromic Sunglasses


Transition or photochromic sunglasses are normal sunglasses that are fitted with photochromic lenses. Their lenses behave the same way and will be transparent indoors or while in the car and darken when in exposed to UV rays. The more UV, the darker the tint. It is important to note that some photochromic lenses may not be suitable for driving. This is because car windshields are coated with a UV-blocking layer, which will prevent your photochromic lenses from adjusting to light conditions.



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