Trendy Sunglasses to Complete Your Eurovision Outfits


Time to have fun finding trendy and quirky eyewear to match your favourite Eurovision outfits and your national flag!

If you’re not watching Eurovision 2022, you’re missing out on some fun, unique music and off-the-wall outfits that feature cool eyewear. 

Many artists have risen from the contest with iconic songs that have made nations cry with pride and joy. But what contest would it be if Eurovision outfits weren’t the real star of the show? Finalise your style with trendy and bold eyewear that perfectly matches the vibes of Eurovision music

So, get ready to feel like a star by representing your nation through fashionable sunglasses. We’ve put together trendy eyewear that will be hard to resist, so get your flags ready and rock your new Eurolook!

Shivering cool sunglasses

Gucci GG0975S 003 sunglasses

We’ve got our green, white and red flags ready! Last year’s Eurovision winners knocked us off our feet. This year, Eurovision Italy is no different.

Måneskin took the contest by storm, and now Mhmood & Blanco are rocking the scene. So, why not celebrate the success by wearing the nation’s colours through stylish and dazzling Gucci sunglasses

This full-rim Gucci GG0975S 003 in green is an excellent pair of unisex sunglasses! The square frame will suit a rounded face and complements your facial features. They’re also hypoallergenic and light, so you’ll be comfortable all day while you wear your rockstar outfit!

If you want to complete the flag, add a pair of bold white frames and vivid retro red sunnies for different looks during each day of the contest. 

Electro artists electrify your eyewear

Chloe CE 147S 834 sunglasses

We’re memorised by the gaze of this year’s French group! Alvan & Ahez evoke traditional songs through electrifying music, bringing together myths and contemporary stories. 

So, why not rock a classic pair of frames with a modern twist! The Chloe CE 147S 834 is a perfect fit that mixes timeless round sunglasses with funky geometric shapes. 

You’ll love the lightweight metal frame for a comfortable fit. If retro styles are your thing, then look at more classic frames such as cat-eye glasses or pilot sunglasses

Steal passing gazes with stylish eyewear!

Turn up the heat with Spain

Etnia Barcelona Dolores YW

Check out Etnia Barcelona’s stylish collection in SloMo! The colours in this collection pop, and you can rest assured you’ll find the right pair for you. 

The Etnia Barcelona Dolores are fun and lively oval sunglasses that suit square faces. But if you love this pair, try them on virtually and see how well they fit! Explore their classic square or oval sunnies and show you’re on team Spain.

German rockstar

Ic! Berlin A0667 Rosa Ecoblack sunglasses

We’ve got a fantastic collection for you if you’re looking for a chilling and smooth rockstar vibe! Browse through easy to wear sunglasses with Ic! Berlin for an easygoing but trendy style. 

The Ic! Berlin A0667 Rosa Ecoblack is a timeless cat-eye frame in black that will look great with any outfit. You can wear them on stage or just for a casual day out. 

Wow your friends, family and fans with Ic! Berlin’s luxury and trendy eyewear!

Off into space with the UK

Arnette AN4265 POST MALONE X ARNETTE 279485 sunglasses

The Post Malone X Arnette sunglasses are the ultimate match for your new space adventure. You’ll need to have quality UV protection to shield your vision from the Sun. 

Have fun rocking this pair of tie-dye black frames and cool yellow lenses. They’d work well with a sparkling jumpsuit.  

You can also find this particular pair in other colours to suit your every outfit.  

Music, outfits and funky eyewear

Get ready for the Eurovision finals with stylish new sunglasses and pay homage to the iconic Eurovision outfits you love the most. 

Whether or not you love quirky eyewear, you can find any style you love with SmartBuyGlasses. From classic and simple frames to chic, luxurious sunglasses, we have you covered. 

Check out our blog for more style advice, and get ready to rock the stage!



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