The Best Kids’ Sports Glasses


kids sports glasses

After being stuck inside all Spring, kids (just like adults!) are more than ready to get back outside and enjoy their favorite sports. Though sports are great fun, it’s important to make sure kids have the right protective gear- and this includes eyewear. You can shop for kids’ prescription sports glasses and non-prescription kids’ glasses depending on your child’s needs. Kids’ sports glasses come in a variety of different frames to ensure you find a style they’ll love! We know it’s not always easy to convince children to wear kids’ sports glasses. However, with all these options to choose from, safety has never been more fun!


Kids’ Wrap Around Sunglasses


Wrap-around sunglasses ensure that your kid’s glasses will remain secure around their head. Believe it or not, some of the top brands in designer eyewear make high-quality wrap around sunglasses just for kids! A few of our favorites styles include: 


Oakley OO9200


These Oakley kids’ sunglasses are great for all sports. The wrap-around frames secure tightly around the head to offer the best protection. Additionally, the curve of the lens offers clear peripheral vision. Finally, the nose pad on these kids’ sports glasses let the frames sit comfortably on the face. Your child might forget they’re even wearing glasses at all! 




Cebe sports sunglasses

These Cebe kids’ sunglasses are lightweight and great for relaxing sports like hiking or playing on the beach. Kids will love the 5 different color combinations to choose from, and you’ll love knowing that these kids’ sports glasses offer full-rim protection. With the possibility to get cheap glasses online for kids with SmartBuyGlasses, these would make a great back-up pair to have on hand for all occasions!


Kids’ Sports Goggles 


Kid’s sports goggles can be used for many different activities year-round. Typically, goggles are better for more rigorous sports. This is why kids’ sports goggles have the highest quality materials. Check out these stylish kid’s sports goggles for Winter and Summer that the little ones will love! 


Salice 983 AO kids 

kids' sports goggles

These Salice sports goggles for kids come with acetate frames making them almost indestructible. With these stylish non-slip frames, safety is now cool! What’s more, the orange lenses are great for enhancing depth perception and reducing eye strain. These kids’ sports goggles are best for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. 


SmartBuy Collection Swimming Goggles Kael MG1B


These SmartBuy Collection swimming goggles come with UV protection to offer optimal eye health while out in the sun. They are made to last, with high-quality plastic materials. The adjustable straps will allow your kids to enjoy these kids’ sports goggles for years to come!


Kids’ Prescription Sports Glasses


Just as important as eye health is making sure your kids have access to proper vision correction while playing the sports they love. There are many kids’ sports glasses that can be fitted with your child’s prescription to provide them with optimal vision. Here are just a few kids’ prescription sports glasses you can find with SmartBuyGlasses from top designer brands: 


Julbo EXTEND 2.0 Asian Fit

kids sports glasses

These kids’ prescription sports glasses have wrap-around security for the best vision. The non-slip temples will stop them from sliding down your child’s face while they’re out there having fun. Green tinted lenses are best for reducing sun glare on rainy or sunny days, making these kids’ glasses suitable for any outdoor activities. 



 Nike Varsity EV082


Nike has some of the best quality products in the athletic-wear industry. These Nike kids’ sports glasses are made with nylon frames and injected plastic lenses making them lightweight and heat resistant. Nike kids’ prescription sports glasses are wonderful for all outdoor activities. 



Visit our Optical Center for more information about buying kids’ prescription glasses.


Baby Sunglasses


Many people don’t realize that there are brands that design sunglasses specifically for babies. Baby sunglasses can protect your baby’s eyes from harmful substances and light rays while they are outdoors. Here are a few stylish looks for baby eyewear: 


Babiators Original Aviators 


Babiators are baby sunglasses designed to reflect the classic aviator shape sunglasses. These kids’ glasses have polarized lenses that can also be fitted with your baby’s prescription. The full-rim frame will provide your baby with protection from all angles.



Banz Retro Baby RBBOV003


These baby sunglasses have a comfortable headband to stop them from sliding off while your baby moves around. The big lenses will allow full-range vision for the most curious eyes. These durable frames come in different colors, including black and pink diva. 



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