Trendy Sunglasses for 2020

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Sunglasses 2020 Trends

New year, new me is the motto you hear every year, but what about a new DECADE? The roaring 20’s is officially upon us once again, bringing us innovative, fresh and creative trends for you to find a perfect new look. Eyewear is one of the easiest ways to switch up your style and glasses help to make any outfit! However, it’s not just the big-name brands that have the power to do this with their incredible designs. There are so many amazing brands out there creating some true works of art. In this article you read about sunglasses trends 2020!

Introducing 9 emerging brands to help you stand out from the crowd this year with some chic and unique eyewear!

Hawkers Sunglasses 2020

With its tagline “We lead. Others follow”, Hawkers was born to disrupt the market by designing top-quality sunglasses at a fair price. Hawkers sunglasses certainly achieved this by creating a social media storm that left people craving its daring designs that cost an average of only $60!

Hawkers is a Spanish sunglasses company founded in December 2013 with only $300 – they are now sold in over 140 countries worldwide! Modelled on well-known and much-loved brands, Hawkers offers bold colors and adventurous frames made from durable materials. Coming in a variety of shapes including square, round, butterfly, and many more, there’s a pair of Hawkers glasses for everyone. What’s more, all the lenses offer UV400 protection, so on top of looking awesome, you are protected from ultraviolet rays!

Why not take a look at some best sellers including  Carbon Black Nebula One O18TR03, Carbon Black Dark One O18TR0, Dark Warwick Venm Hybrid VWTR01, and Rubber Black Dark Classic Rounded ROCTR01.

We bet you can’t help but follow…

DKNY Sunglasses Trends for 2020

When it comes to iconic fashion brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than DKNY. Known for its casual chic and sporty influences, DKNY has dominated the fashion world in everything from clothing to fragrances. However, lesser known is its eyewear collection, which certainly does not disappoint!

DKNY eyeglasses and DKNY sunglasses are simply stunning, with eye-catching, chunky plastic frames as well as more delicate metal frames.  Capturing the dynamic spirit of New York, they come in a variety of shapes but the most popular are the square and round frames. With retro-inspired but classic details, DKNY glasses are for the trendsetters.

Why not have a gander at some of DKNY’s best-selling eyeglasses including the DY4668 with a flattering rectangular tortoiseshell frame. For your sunglass needs, check out these square framed beauties, the DY4151 and the stylish DY4093.

What’s not to love?

Neubau Glasses for 2020

An in-house brand of the Australian company Silhouette, Neubau was only launched in 2016. Silhouette has unbeatable experience in the industry and Neubau offers a unique, contemporary twist – what a combo!  The name Neubau pays homage to the Neubau district in Vienna, a creative hub buzzing with musicians, artists, designers and free spirits. Neubau is for the eco-conscious, the trendy youth and the visionaries.  Combining a modern urban lifestyle with sustainability, Neubau creates authentic and imaginative eyewear.

All Neubau eyewear is made, manufactured and sourced in Austria, so you know they are sustainable. Neubau frames use an eco-friendly material called naturalPX made from organically sourced and renewable products.  It makes the glasses ultra-lightweight but sturdy and super comfortable with a snazzy ergonomic design! Neubau glasses come in a range of audacious colors and an eclectic mix of frame styles with some that are half stainless steel and half naturalPX – controversial!

Check out some bestselling sunglasses including the T607 Mia. They also have an innovative range of eyeglasses including the T016 Toni and the T065 Tom.

You’ll be sure to turn heads in a pair of Neubau sunglasses 2020!

CHIMI Sunglasses for 2020

Working as stylists and finding a lack of eyewear options to suit different moods, childhood friends Charlie and Daniel created CHIMI. With impeccable Swedish design, CHIMI was born to give people the freedom to match their unique style to equally unique eyewear, allowing you to fully express yourself with no limitations. According to the creators, ‘mood’ is an expression, and style will be reflected depending on the vibe you’re feeling, and with CHIMI eyewear, there are ENDLESS vibes!

CHIMI creates spectacularly bright, bold and colourful sunglasses for kids, fashionistas and sports enthusiasts alike.  The lenses are 100% UV protective and the frames, made from acetate, are built to last! The basic CHIMI sunglasses collection comes in eight classical shapes including cat eye and round, and ten different colours. In addition, CHIMI has several exciting collaborations with creative and inspiring individuals, its latest with Swedish rapper Mwuana.

At incredibly reasonable prices, check out some CHIMI eyewear such as the vibrant CHIMI 008 and CHIMI 006 in aqua.

We’re feeling serious vibes with these ones.

Markus T Sunglasses Trends 2020

Markus Temming is the incredible designer behind the Markus T brand. It started at his kitchen table with the idea of creating ultra-lightweight, comfortable and functional eyewear. Having won countless design awards, he has been creating beautiful, smart and exceptional designs for over 20 years and this experience shines through in every pair. Markus T is a modern, high-tech brand for those living on the cutting-edge!

Markus T glasses are handcrafted in Germany, making each frame individual – just like you. They are lightweight, durable and oh so stylish. Instead of using screws, prominent block hinges connect the frame together, creating an instantly recognizable look.  This futuristic technology has become the hallmark of Markus T!

For an elegant and refined pair of Markus T rectangular eyeglasses, take a look at the MARCUS T D3355. If you’re craving a pair of oval, semi-rimless frames, then the MARCUS T D1069 is the pair for you.

Join those who think outside the box with Markus T.

John Lennon Glasses

Many celebrities are notorious for their glasses, but no one is more associated with a shape than the icon that is John Lennon. He made the perfectly round-rimmed, wire glasses his signature specs. A pair of John Lennon’s original glasses even sold for over $175,000 last year! Easy to spot a mile off, John Lennon glasses have a distinct, quirky look that will add a vintage, retro-inspired feel to your look.

The collection features all the shapes that John Lennon was known to wear. The vintage designs are even named after John Lennon and Beatles songs! Crafted from plastic and high-quality metal materials, with dark or multi-tinted lenses, John Lennon glasses frames are durable and eye-catching.  With some eclectic statement pieces, as well as more subtle, classic designs, there is something for everyone. Many celebs have emulated the JL look such as Mick Jagger and Liam Gallagher – even Harry Potter!

For a pair of John Lennon sunglasses, check out the unique JOS65 My-M or for a pair of John Lennon eyeglasses, the  JO01-01 is a great choice!

These round glasses are legendary –join the cult style.

Converse 2020 Glasses

Converse is well known for its edgy streetwear such as its iconic Converse All Star kicks. The brand creates unpretentious, laid-back skatewear for the cool kid that lurks in all of us. One of its latest collabs with Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown shows that it’s all about originality, uniqueness and self-expression. Converse glasses mirror this image, capturing an urban, sporty and funky look.

Converse glasses frames are made for men, women and kids. Featuring classic camo prints, star logos, custom flair on temples and daring colour combos, these glasses ooze individuality. The easy-to-wear frames are vibrant, fun and bold! With a range of shapes including rectangular and square, you’re sure to find a pair of affordable, urban shades for your everyday look.

For a pair of Converse sunglasses to wear any day, any time, check out the SC O046Q. For a pair of Converse eyeglasses, the VC O075Q is ideal!

Express yourself in Converse!

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham was a household name well before she launched her fashion brand in 2008, however her fame has since reached new heights! She has developed a distinct, modern style that can be seen across her whole range, including the Victoria Beckham eyewear collection. All four lines were developed in London and handmade in Italy with incredible craftmanship, combining minimalist design with performance and protection.

Famous for their sleek appearance, understated details and subtle finish, Victoria Beckham glasses radiate luxury and elegance. Known for wearing oversized sunnies, Victoria also designs BIG sunnies that play with proportion. The Victoria Beckham collection includes many styles including classic aviators, cat eye styles and many more. With gold and silver tones and a V emblazoned on the tips, the VB range is designed for confidence! The range includes prescription sunglasses as well as unisex frames.

Dive right in and check out some of the best-selling Victoria Beckham sunglasses including the VB600S and the VB155S. For Victoria Beckham eyeglasses, the VB2603 and the VB2605 are sure to add a dash of extravagance to your look.

For a hint of drama and London luxury, the Victoria Beckham collection awaits!

Fila Sunglasses

Fila also has some of the best sunglasses for 2020. The brand is classic Italian, famous for its sporting apparel, particularly on the tennis court thanks to the legendary blonde haired, blue-eyed Bjorn Borg! The Fila brand broke the mould by incorporating bright colours into its clothing, proving that classic does not have to mean conservative. It soon expanded to include streetwear which is now becoming increasingly popular amongst those seeking a vintage look! With the chunky ‘dad’ Fila trainers back on the scene, everyone wants to don the iconic Fila logo.

Stepping into the eyewear scene, Fila continues to bring vivid hues to the fashion world with its Fila sunglasses and eyeglasses. Many Fila glasses have vibrant temple tips and embellishments, contrasting with the dark metal frames to create an awesome look.  Fila eyewear is functional, elegant and bold, offering sporting models as well as incredible fashionable pieces.

For a sporty yet stylish look, Fila has you covered. Check out some top-selling Fila glasses including the SF9143 and the SF9129, and Fila eyeglasses including the VF9241 and the VF9241

Be bold in Fila.


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