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Sunglasses are an all year essential. Yes we live in the UK but there’s still a chance (a very very very very small one) that it will be sunny throughout the year. It’s really important to make sure that your eyes are protected whenever the sun is shining to make sure that your eyes aren’t damaged. That doesn’t mean however that you have to pick a boring, practical pair of sunglasses. SmartBuyGlasses is leading the way with our latest guide to shopping the eyewear trends.

Just like clothes, trends can change at the drop of a hat. If Anna Wintour gives it a thumbs down, then you’re guaranteed that it won’t be in style for long. With sunglasses though, there’s always a choice to make. You can really follow the trend and go the whole way or you can just pick a pair that gives a slight nod. This season it’s all about 5 different styles; Cat-Eye, Bold, Retro, Round and Mirrored. Check out the sneak preview below or for the full guide in all it’s glory head over to the SmartBuyGlasses trend section.



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