Oscar Nominated Eyewear – Guys Edition


This year’s Oscar nominations are out and the battle is on between some of the hottest Hollywood stars. This season it was all about the underdog with films like the Theory of Everything, Birdman and American Sniper looking set to sweep the floor. A lot of the actors nominated for their work in these films also all seem to have one thing in common; they’re avid wearers of glasses. Whether this is down to coincidence or a wider acceptance of glasses in movies and on the red carpet, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Anyway, here we’re looking at the best actor nominations and their affinity with some pretty fashionable eyewear.

Eddie Redmayne Glasses and Sunglasses

E Redmayne BurberryE Redmayne PersolE Redmayne Theory of E

Eddie Redmayne has had a stellar past few years. After his appearances in Les Misérables and My Week With Marilyn, it was no surprise to see him tackling the role of genius Stephen Hawking in the acclaimed The Theory of Everything. It is for this role that he has been nominated for a whole host of awards and even winning the Golden Globe for actor in a drama. Having started out as a model and then slowly working his way into the acting world, it’s no surprise that Eddie is a pretty fashion conscious guy and he has even been the face of Burberry’s eyewear campaign. In his personal life, Eddie loves to rock a pair of Persol® glasses to make sure that he looks cool and casual.

Michael Keaton Glasses and Sunglasses

EWnocaptionM keaton Need for SpeedM Keaton Batman

Having become a household name for his roles in films like Beetlejuice and Tim Burton’s adaptations of Batman, Michael Keaton still managed to maintain a good reputation in the Hollywood circle but was unable to have the same success as his early 90’s heyday. With his nomination for Birdman however, it is clear that Keaton is back on his a-game. Playing a character that somewhat mimics his own life has garnered the actor a string of nominations and Keaton even won best actor at the Golden Globes. Throughout his career, Keaton has had some pretty memorable roles and some of his looks can even be described as iconic. His legendary glasses as the brooding Batman are pretty similar to this Rodenstock pair. In the middle he’s rocking a pair of Carrera sunglasses in Need For Speed.

Bradley Cooper Glasses and Sunglasses

B Cooper the A tamB Cooper SniperB Cooper the A team

Bradley Cooper is a little bit of a surprise nomination for this years Oscars considering a lot of his previous work, whilst loved by audiences, hasn’t gone down well with the critics. This is thanks in no small part to his better choices in the past few years, taking roles in films like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. His role in American Sniper has been met with both accolade and controversy thanks to the films propaganda like feel. Still, over the years as his star has risen, the man has become  a major style icon for men across the globe. In American Sniper, the brand of choice for his sunglasses was Wiley X, mainly because the US military actually give these to their troops.

Benedict Cumberbatch Glasses and Sunglasses

F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia - RaceB Cumberbatch StuartB Cumberbatch Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch has fast become one of the busiest men in Holywood thanks to his roles in some of the biggest movies of the past few years. Mix that with his classical training and it’s no surprise to see him nominated for an Oscar. His role in The Imitation Game has earned him so much well-deserved praise but it’s hard to see how this guys career can get any better. One of the best things about this guy is his wardrobe. He has seemingly managed to make geeks into sex-symbols with women of a certain age. The guy loves to rock anything Persol, be it Persol eyeglasses or Persol sunglasses. He’s wearing both in the images above.

Steve Carell Glasses and Sunglasses

S carell Despicable meS carell Crazy Stupid LoveS Carell Anchorman

If Bradley Cooper’s Oscar nomination came as a surprise then we were blindsided by Steve Carell’s appearance on the list. Best-known for his somewhat idiotic performances in films like Anchorman, Evan Almighty and The 40 Year Old Virgin, his latest role as murderer John du Pont in Foxcatcher is a complete change for this comic actor. This gritty and serious role has taken his career to another level and he looks set to really become one of the best all round actors in the business. Throughout his career, he has used his wardrobe to his advantage, portraying somewhat of a funny geek. When it comes to eyewear, his brands of choice are pretty classic, sticking to Persol or Ray-Ban®. Above he’s wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses and Persol glasses.

Be sure to keep up with all the Oscar gossip to see if your favourite wins. In the meantime why not head over to the SmartBuyGlasses website to see what’s new on site and see if you can pick out a pair of sunglasses or glasses that are truly Oscar-worthy.


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