Jump on the latest 2022 Sporty Sunglasses Trends


Sporty sunglasses are one of the hottest eyewear trends this year. Yes, it IS possible to look simultaneously sporty and stylish. We’ve handpicked a selection of the best sporty sunglasses styles on the market.

Instead of being a necessity for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, sporty sunglasses are now a bold fashion statement and go-to accessory for many celebrities. Admired by the Hadids, Rihanna, the Kardashians and every sporty let’s-go-for-a-jog friend you have, the sporty sunglasses trend is hot right now.

In today’s society, the key focus is self-care. Exercise is a crucial ingredient to complete mindfulness. Whether you are walking outside, heading to yoga or getting ready for a workout class with friends, sporty sunglasses will complete your athletic look. Even if you’re just off to brunch with friends, hasn’t athleisure become everyone’s casual go-to? 

So, needless to say the sporty sunglasses trend is likely here to stay.

Cool sports sunglasses

As we said, athleisure is everyone’s go-to style right now, with cool sports sunglasses adding the finishing touch to the look. Sporty sunglasses have taken to the streets, worn by models and non-sporty individuals alike. Whether you’re seeking a celebrity’s favourite pair of sporty sunglasses or craving the most-in pair this year, there’s a frame for you. Check out our favourite brands to complete your sporty look!.


If you’re a fan of the Kardashian’s, we are sure you’ve seen Khloe sporting the iconic interchangable Porsche sunglasses. Famed for oversized aviator frames, Porsche emits impeccable and exquisite taste. Whether heading to the mall or watching a football match, you’ll look good in a pair of Porsche Design P8478 sporty sunglasses.


Looking for the ultimate street look? Biker shorts, an oversized graphic tee, stylish sneakers and sporty frames are the best way to strut through your city. Look no further, and give the Sinner Speed Sport Asian Fit frames a try.


A-listers Gwen Stefani, Usher and Brad Pitt have been spotted wearing Cazal sporty sunglasses. It doesn’t get more luxurious than a pair of Cazal 6004/3, designed by Cari Zalloni, one of the key players in revolutionising the eyewear industry. Look like you’ve just stepped out of a music video in these iconic, retro streetwear staples.


Oakley sunglasses have been the go-to sporty sunglasses brand for decades and always seem to be on-trend. Take the Oakley OO9101 BATWOLF pair as an example of Oakley’s infiltration of high fashion, complete with bold Prizm sapphire blue lenses. You don’t need to be shredding the slopes to turn heads when you’re wearing iconic Oakley shades.


For a more unconventional, fun brand, look to SPY eyewear. Created in 1994 in Southern California, SPY has maintained its classic, original style but adapted to the sporty sunglasses trend. Spy FLYNN combines classy with trendy, with the Happy Gray Green lenses tying well with the Matte Black frames. Pair with a hot-pink pantsuit or black leather jacket to make a confident statement.

Sporty prescription sunglasses

Why not add more function to your frames with sporty prescription sunglasses? At SmartBuyGlasses you can simply add your prescription at checkout after selecting the best sporty sunglasses for you. If you’re unsure you can pull off this latest trend, give our Virtual Try-On technology a go to see yourself wearing the glasses! Once you have your sporty prescription sunglasses, you’ll be ready to hit the town.


While sporty sunglasses are having their moment, why not join the sporty sunglasses trend in 2022? You’ll look as stylish as Bella Hadid, Brad Pitt or the Kardashians in no time.


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