Men’s eyewear: How To Look Stylish In Glasses

Men's eyewear

Men’s eyewear can take on many different styles. If you’re thinking about trying glasses for the first time or just want to change up your look, here is a straight-forward guide of how to look stylish in your new glasses.

Everyone has their own definition of ‘style’ but to us it means finding the right glasses that match your personality and complement your facial features. After all, wearing something that makes you both look good and feel great is what being stylish is all about.

Finding glasses that match your style


If you find yourself frequenting coffee shops, art galleries, thrift shops, local breweries, and underground music venues then you may have a little bit of hipster inside of you. Chances are that you are already fashion-forward and style-conscious but you just can’t decide what glasses will work for you. We recommend either round or square glasses because they are both a bit quirky and fit the look.
Go Round | Go Square

Men's eyewear


If you’re often hitting the gym, biking, running, climbing or playing sports, you need glasses that can keep up with your active lifestyle. A strong grip is key here, as well as durable frames and lenses. Polarized lenses enhance color contrasts which is helpful if you want to enhance your far-distance vision. Check out wraparound, semi-rimless and rectangle glasses options as these are most suitable for athletes.
Go Wraparound | Go Semi-rimless | Go Rectangle

Men's eyewear


You’re intellectual and are too busy studying or pursuing academic pursuits that you don’t really have the time to step up your style game. You’re cool and comfortable with your style but now you need a pair of glasses that won’t forever label you as nerdy. Our advice, stay away from the basic rectangle semi-rimless glasses and go for something a bit more trendy like round or square frames.
Go Round | Go Square

Men's eyewear


You’re fearless, adventurous and like to take the center stage. Show off your wild side with some of the boldest glasses out there. Try your luck with some suave pilot frames or eccentric round glasses.
Go Pilot | Go Round

Men's eyewear


You’re a jet setter with places to go, people to see and deals to close. You’re savy, smart and organized but now you need a pair of glasses that will both complement and add some personality to your professional attire. If you haven’t already, you should try folding glasses as they are easy to travel with and you can just tuck them away in your pocket.
Go Semi-rimless | Go Rimless | Go Oval | Go Rectangle

Men's eyewear


So you’ve got a cute girlfriend and you want to impress her but you can’t afford to break the bank. Ray-Ban is always a safe choice but Persol is a step up if you really want to make an impression. Whichever brand you choose, we recommend square and pilot frames because these are some of the most popular looks for guys.
Go Pilot | Go Square

Men's eyewear


If you’re just looking for a pair of glasses that are comfortable, will get the job done and last you for many years, then we’ve got you covered. Rectangle and semi-rimless glasses are great for convenience, comfort and suitable for a wide range of activities.
Go Rectangle | Go Semi-rimless

Men's eyewear

Finding glasses for your face shape

Now that you have an idea of which shapes will suit your style, it is time to narrow it down a bit further. Based on your face shape and facial features some glasses will look better than others.

If you have high cheekbones or a strong jawbone you will most likely look best with round glasses because they will add some contours to your strong angles. On the other hand, if you have a round face then square and rectangle glasses will add some definition to your face shape. Below is an example of the four most common face shapes and recommended glasses for each type.


If you have a round face then wear rectangle or square frames to add some angles.
Don’t Wear: Round, Circle, Cat-eye
Do Wear: Rectangle, Square


Soften a square face shape by adding some curves.
Don’t Wear: Rectangle, Square
Do Wear: Round, Oval, Pilot


Draw attention away from your forehead with bold glasses.
Don’t Wear: Small glasses
Do Wear: Big glasses, Pilot


The most versatile face shape, you can experiment with any frame shape.
Don’t Wear: N/A
Do Wear: Any shape

If you’re still not sure which style is for you, check out our video “How to Find Glasses For Your Face Shape“.

We hope these tips will be of use to you and help you discover your perfect glasses. If you’re still not sure which style is best for you, we invite you to check out the full selection of Men’s glasses at SmartBuyGlasses.


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