End of Summer Style Guide


The summer is gone and the biggest fashion houses have just released their S/S 2018 collection – in which we can’t wait to see these summer styles and trends come into bloom next year. But, first things first – let’s look into what’s been coming back into style this past summer and what are we expecting to see more of this fall? Continue reading to see our top pics for our end of summer style guide!

One of this past summer’s biggest eye wear trends was that we were seeing a lot of diverse styles from the 70’s come back into fashion. Think yellow glasses, big frames, white frames and classic styles such as Aviator, Round and Oversized sunglasses. In addition, the eye wear game of this summer has also came with a twist – we saw many mirrored glasses which gave off more of a futuristic look. Lastly, some classic summer styles have got a make-over, transforming them to a more modern version of themselves. Curious to which styles have been hot and trending this summer? Keep on reading.


Timeless Styles: Round, Hexagonal, Oval glasses

Imagine yourself sitting in this small local coffeeshop that sells vegan soy-lattes and other healthy indulgences. While sipping on your matcha soy latte and glance at all the people walking past, you need something protecting your eyes from the sun giving the fact that the sun can damage your eyesight. So what do you wear? A pair of vintage looking round glasses.

This trend has been popular among women and also men. One of the most popular pair of sunglasses of this summer has been the Ray Ban Metal Round glasses. Not only has the norm-core trend been in for a few years, but it has also brought back old trends such as Hexogonal and Oval shape glasses. This trend is perfect for if you’re not into something big and flashy and rather stick to a more classic style. Want to pimp up your look a bit? Try these glasses with different colored glasses!

The white sunglass trend

Not only do we sing along to the song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nivana’, but we also really have been keeping an eye on Kurt Cobain. Not only has his life and music been inspiring to most of us but also his fashion – in which his white sunglasses have been back in style for this past summer. Not only have rapper, but also fashionista’s and other big influencers been rocking this trend.


Sharp lines and futuristic vibes were all the talk this summer. One of the biggest hits of the year were by far most the iconic Celine Baby Audrey Sunglasses. But there is more – Cateye sunglasses are not just feminine but also give off a very classy vibe to your look.

Chunky Oversized Glasses

Looking for a pair of sunglasses to steal the spotlight and make people’s faces turn? Chunky Oversized sunglasses have been (and always will be) one of the best fashion accessories. Not only have chunky oversized sunglasses been a thing in the past – they are coming back into fashion as a must have item. Why? They can be used to wear when you’re just hung over from last night or worn to show some confidence. Check out Beyonce rocking her oversized sunglasses. Also – Gucci came back with a couple epic new models that we adore.



The futuristic hologram trend has been coming back and it has been seen at festivals and also in daily wear. As for sunglasses – mirrored futuristic looking sunglasses have been very in this summer. Not only have they been making a comeback, but they have been upgraded as well. With the same idea, mirrored sunglasses have now been upgraded with new frame shapes. Check out Ray-Ban’s new Blaze collection for frameless mirrored sunglasses!

Clip Ons

Hipsterish? A bit. Clip Ons are not only practical, but also now known as fashionable. Why? Well they are old-fashioned and have that vintage vibe to it so I makes sense for it to be in fashion and trending at the moment. We’ve reached the point in this era in which everything concerning fashion should not only appear nicely, but also be comfortable and practical. Last summer, Birkenstocks were all the rave and this year it was Teva’s. So, when we saw clip-on sunglasses coming back in trend – one thing came to us; save money! If you wear prescription glasses, why not save money by buying clip-ons instead of an entirely new pair of glasses. In addition, next time you hit up the beach or festival, you don’t have to worry about bringing two pairs of glasses with you.


Hold on there. There is more. Looking for some style advice and how to style white sneakers with a pair of sunglasses? Check out our post here. Keep track of our blog every now and then for the newest posts on sunglasses & glasses trends and brands.


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