Blue light glasses for kids – an ace up parents’ sleeves


More and more kids are spending time in front of digital devices, whether it’s for school or entertainment. Admit it, parents, you are too. Here’s an ace up your sleeve: blue light glasses for kids.

But have you ever heard kids say ‘my eyes hurt’ or ‘I’m tired as an excuse to get out of doing their homework yet seem perfectly fine when playing online games? Well, in many cases these excuses may be true if kids spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen. 

Digital devices emitted blue light that is pretty harmful to your eyes and guess what? 2 common effects that cause discomfort for kids, caused by exposure to blue light:

  1. Digital eye strain
  2. Messed up sleeping patterns

So yeah, some of your little gods of mischief are telling the truth. No worries though, we have the solution you are looking for. Blue light glasses for kids are protective eyewear designed to help reduce the glare of blue light emitted from digital devices. 

Just like that, we’ve solved your sleepless nights – except for newborn babies, sorry parents we can’t help you there! 

You may want to consider getting your little bundles of joy kids glasses with zFORT® Blue light blocking to help reduce not only eye strain and improve sleep but also reduce headaches and prevent eye damage. 

Kids’ eyes are still developing as they grow so using protective eyewear that can help reduce any eye issues is a win. 

Read more about blue light blocking and check out these stylish frames that can become kids’ blue light glasses by adding this lens coating at checkout. 

Smart & Fly

SmartBuy Kids Changee Blue-Light Block MK3-47D

Kids are getting trendier by the minute! Have a look at this fly pair of pilot SmartBuy Kids Changee to which you can add single vision correction. The lenses can be coated with blue light blocking in these gold metal frames that are a great match for any outfit. 

With this top-quality pair of blue light glasses, you’ll also get 1.5 lenses for free! If you are ready to hit that purchase button but can’t remember your kid’s prescription no worries – we’ve got you covered. Make your life easier by using the lens scanner tool to get the prescription details straight from your kid’s current glasses. 

Blue light you

SmartBuy Kids Thessa Blue-Light Block K2A

How about another smart buy with these SmartBuy Kids Thessa blue light glasses! This pair is made from acetate which is lightweight and hypoallergenic. With zFORT® Blue light blocking you can help the development of your kid’s eyes as they watch endless episodes of Peppa Pig. 

This pair of blue light glasses can also come in a variety of colours that your kids can first try on at home. Say what? Yes, the virtual try-on tool lets your kids have fun trying on the different colours of blue light glasses

Gunner glasses are no bummer

Gunnar Cruz Small Blue-Light Block CRU-09809

Gunnar lenses’ technology for eliminating digital glare, reducing eye strain, and improving sleep is off the rocks. If your little or not so little one loves to spend time in a fantasy world fighting mystical creatures or go around building enchanted things, then a pair of Gunnar blue-light-blocking glasses are worth the try. 

This pair of Gunnar Cruz glasses have a great sturdy frame that is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. Your kid can easily jump from learning about ancient Rome to commanding their virtual army through a joystick. 

Funky readers

Montana Readers KBLF1B Blue-Light Block Kids KBLF1B

If your tech-savvy kids love reading adventurous stories on a kindle then you can’t look away from these trendy blue Montana Readers KBLF1B blue light glasses

From the cold but stunning Swiss alps comes this pair of Montana glasses, with standard power value, for kids that just give them a smart but funky look. They can wear this pair all day and night as they protect their eyes from blue light and let their imagination roam free.

Candy Heart glasses

SmartBuy Kids Alissa Blue-Light Block PK3A

So many smart buys with SmartBuy Kids blue light blocking glasses! Available in so many styles, colours, designs, and fun heart patterns like this SmartBuy Kids Alissa PK3A pair. 

If your kids love the colour green and hearts then you’ve found the right pair! With SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find high-quality and affordable kids glasses online with a few simple clicks. 

Sleep like a baby

Blue light glasses help reduce symptoms that are caused by long hours in front of a digital screen. So if you want to help improve your kid’s sleeping patterns, and therefore yours, you’ll want them to benefit from a coating that can help reduce blue light. 

At SmartBuyGlasses you’ll find a variety of blue light glasses for kids that can fit every eye need. Your children don’t even have to wear prescription kids’ glasses to benefit from blue light blocking as you can also find trendy non-prescription glasses for kids. 

No need to be jealous parents, there are cool stylish blue light glasses even for you. Why not have a look at 7 cool blue light glasses for your next Netflix binge here, for when the kids are fast asleep. 


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