Summer Trend: Olympic Eyewear

By Isabella Sara Novack

Female athlete sailing wearing polarised lenses

The Olympic Games are a global stage not just for sports but also for style.

The widespread appeal and global visibility of the games attracts millions of viewers— and with all eyes trained on them it’s only natural for the Olympic athletes to have an established history of setting trends.

As the 2024 Olympics approach, sports and fashion enthusiasts alike have their sights on this year’s uniforms.

Eyewear in particular has always been a hot topic during the games, with high end designer sunglasses competing in their own race for the brand visibility medal.

2024 sunglasses styles for the Olympics

2024 Olympic eyewear will likely feature many of the new technologies seen in sporty sunglasses over the last four years. Expect to see lightweight, durable materials and lenses crafted for optimal UV protection and visibility.

Other important features will likely be impact resistance and anti-scratch coatings.

These will protect the lenses from the rough and tumble of the games, while the polarisation filter protects the athlete’s eyes from the harsh glare of the outdoor sun. There really is a solution for everything!

Through the use of these technologies, the latest sporty eyewear models are streamlined for aerodynamic advantage and peak performance.

Their bold styles and vibrant colours mirror the lively spirits of the games and are loved by all, even outside the realm of sports. 

Best for running

runner wearing wraparound sunglasses

Traditionally, Olympic runners have opted for wraparound sunglasses. This is because they offer extensive coverage and firmly stay in place, regardless of vigorous movements.

The forecast for the 2024 games includes feather-light models that come with adaptive design elements like adjustable nose pads and temples.

We also expect to see photochromic lenses, a versatile technology that allows lenses to change colour for flawless visibility from start to finish.

Best for cycling

cyclist on bike wearing polarised single lens glasses

Cyclists have always leaned towards sturdy, full-coverage sunglasses to protect against the elements. Polarisation is also favoured for its ability to minimise the glare from the road.

At these Olympics we expect to see cyclists sporting single lens shield glasses. Essential for racing safety and performance, these models not only offer a wider field of view than many of their alternatives but look awesome while doing so!

This dynamic style also enhances ventilation and promotes airflow, which is critical to protect the eyes and prevent lenses from fogging at high speeds.

Best multipurpose

Multipurpose sporty sunglasses have always been popular. These designs tend to be extremely versatile models that cleverly combine the best aspects of specialised sports sunglasses with everyday eyewear.

We’re sure flexible frames and polarised lenses will be everywhere at this summer’s games, you need protection regardless of whether you’re playing in the games or watching them from under the sun.

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Eyewear that performs

Eyewear is more than just a tool for performance, but to perform you need eyewear that can keep up with you. Olympians know this very well and this summer they will make their statement, influencing trends in sporty sunglasses for years to come.

No matter the sport they’re designed for, we’re sure the upcoming Olympic eyewear will dazzle with its blend of innovation, style and versatility. Keep your eyes open, this is going to be a great year for sports and fashion enthusiasts.

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