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Eyewear that is meant to last… Introducing our TITAN CLASS Collection

Eyewear that is meant to last… Introducing our TITAN CLASS Collection


The Rise of TITAN CLASS Collection

The timeless eyeglasses in this collection come from a desire to create beautiful products that could be worn from the boardroom to the weekend; without looking or feeling out of place. The Titan Class collection is inspired by an idea to create affordable yet high quality eyewear that would meet the needs of the dynamic working individual. Our designers focused on how they could encapsulate the sophisticated style of modern life and retain the most valuable qualities of expert craftsmanship. This in turn led to a range of eyeglasses with delicate frames, elegant metallic detailing and a high end feel.

Titan Class

Pure Titanium Technology

Each pair of TITAN CLASS eyeglasses has been stunningly crafted from pure titanium to ensure they truly stand the test of time, they are tough, resilient and flexible. With each pair weighing just 3 grams we have perfectly captured the innate beauty and strength of titanium, a metal renowned for being strong despite its lightness. Titanium is a metal we have trusted for almost half a century, a metal which is still used within the medical world, aviation and jewelry. This trust will continue to grow through its use in our collection of elegant eyewear, these titanium frames are meant to last.

Titan Class

Streamlined Design Focus

Our focus on creating eyeglasses whose lines are exquisitely clean, modern and streamlined stems from a hope to meet the needs of a fast paced lifestyle. We wanted to ensure that the TITAN Class would be able to keep up with the demands of those whose lives are non-stop and who still want to stay ahead of the trends. The classic lines and a focus on functionality within the development of the TITAN collection has led to the creation of beautiful products.

Titan Class

The Products

The Titan Class TT-3GE 008 eyeglasses personify the classic minimalist style of the collection, they are perfect for the busy working professional who wants to look great without trying. For the bold and fashion forward the Titan Class TT-11 001 are the perfect accessory, they are for the strong and the brave.

Titan Class

For those whose time is already accounted for we have the Titan Class TT-GV04 004 eyeglasses which are lightweight and on trend no matter the season; in part because of their striking minimal frames and the rimless lenses.

For a pop of colour that will bring any outfit together we have the Titan Class TT-109-M18 which with their option to have a brightly coloured frame are perfect for brightening your day. The round rimless lenses are on-trend and have been seen on celebrities and models alike.

Titan Class Collection


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