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RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901

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Oasys for Astigmatism 6 Pack


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  • 05/25
    Satisfied with purchase and service.
    Satisfied with purchase and service.
  • 05/25
    This is the 4 pair I have brought and as usual brilliant. Awaiting some sun glasses but am sure they will be great also.
    Darren Clack
  • 05/25
    Good lenses. Change eye colour completely.
    arrived in reasonable time, lenses are great.
    Lady P
  • 05/25
    Simply the best
    Hi ordered a pair of amarni glasses frames from this company 1st the price was amazing and secondly they arrived super quick woukd definitely recommend this company to all my friends. And I will definitely be using it again as got my eye on a Tom Ford frame
    Jayne GLOVER
  • 05/25
    Fast shipping and great customer service
    Fast shipping, exactly as described but the important thing, is that when problems occur such custom payment, all promises are fulfil and the custom amount was returned to me with no hustle
    Itay Donver
  • 05/25
    Lovely glasses
    Lovely glasses
    tolu obembe
  • 05/25
    Was better than I expected
    Was better than I expected. The frames a really light and well made, when I looked at the pictures online I was expecting clip on attachments but even better when it arrived as they are magnetic attachments. Lens quality is amazing, really thin for me. Even came with a spare pair of lenses (bonus). Couldn't be happier, pair of glasses spare pair of lenses, four attachments and all for a really great price. Delivery was really good as well. Only took about a week from ordering and it came from Hong Kong. Would definitely order again
  • 05/25
    good customer
    Very good customer service helpful and polite.
    Lorna Harper
  • 05/25
    Nice & high quality glasses .
    Nice & high quality glasses .
  • 05/25
    Fast delivery
    Fast delivery, good fit, good price. Perfect!
    Tom Keller
  • 05/25
    good service
    good service, efficient and good communication
    Claire Sutherland
  • 05/25
    Awesome, very quick delivery and high quality
  • 05/25
    Love my small 'aviators'
    Love my small 'aviators'. Been looking for a pair to fit me in ages. Well made, great fit, love them!
    Alison Hendrix
  • 05/25
    I love my new glasses!
    Excellent! I love my new glasses!
  • 05/25
    Great company
    This was the first time I used Smart Buy Glasses. I wanted a pair of Bvlgari prescription sunglasses. I was extremely lucky, as the opticians I went to for my eye test do not sell Bvlgari. The designer frames they do sell were way over the top in price. I, therefore, decided to try Smart Buy. The glasses arrived quicker than I was expecting and were perfect and very well priced. Customer Services were excellent too and as soon as I saw the quality of the sunglasses, I order another pair of Bvlgari frames with prescription lenses and they should be with me soon. I can highly recommend this company. I do understand that some people want a very quick turn around and the sunglasses took about three weeks, but well worth the wait.
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Glasses UK

Glasses can give you a distinguished look that ensures you stand out from the rest. However, they do more than just improve your outward appearance. Glasses can offer protection against particles and harmful light rays that may otherwise lead to poor vision.

At SmartBuyGlasses, we offer a range of glasses and sunglasses to suit different needs. From sports glasses to prescription and cosmetic shades, we have it all. What’s more, we offer state of the art software and online tools to help you select the best fit for your face. As if that is not enough, our team of professionals can deliver the glasses to the place you deem most convenient.

The Benefits of Wearing Glasses

Here are just a few of the reasons why glasses have become an important and popular accessory for many people across the United Kingdom.


Vision correction

There are quite a variety of complications that may end up causing poor vision. All the problems noted below can compromise your productivity because they affect vision. To manage or correct the issues, it may be important for you to seek professional help from an optician. The good news is that with SmartBuyGlasses, you can find the ideal prescription glasses to correct your vision problem without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Astigmatism - this is a condition that causes uneven or irregular curvature to the cornea or lens of the eyes. Anyone that suffers from astigmatism is likely to experience blurred or distorted vision. Other symptoms associated with this condition include straining of the eye due to squinting, eye fatigue and headaches. The condition is believed to be hereditary but may also occur due to eye injury.


Hyperopia - this refers to a condition that causes an individual to experience good vision when looking at objects that are far away. The same individual finds it hard to view things that are in close proximity. This condition occurs when the eyeballs are shorter than normal.


Myopia - sometimes myopia is referred to as shortsightedness. It is a condition in which the individual can view objects that are nearby but finds it difficult to focus on those that are a long-distance away. This condition is a result of the eyeballs being longer than normal.


Presbyopia - this is a normal condition that can also be referred to as aging of the eyes. As individuals grow older, the lenses in their eyes start losing their elasticity or flexibility and as a result, they are unable to focus on objects that are nearby. Individuals with such a condition may find it difficult to read printed words on paper or screen. Presbyopia rarely affects long-distance vision.


Injury - whether you are involved in a car accident or any other incident that causes injury to your eyes, the result may be poor vision. This problem may persist even after you recover from your injuries.


Eye protection

Your eyes let you know what’s going on and they act like a guide to wherever you are going. That is why it may be prudent to protect them by using some kind of eyeglasses. Here are a few of the people that may need to protect their eyes.


Active workers - if you are working on a construction site or a manufacturing company, safety glasses may be all it takes to shield your eyes from particles and other debris that may penetrate and cause damage. Welders use eyewear to shield against the bright light and sparks while those on construction sites shield their eyes against loose particles such as dust and sand.


Sportspeople - certain sports involve people looking out in the distance and that may require special glasses for focus. An example of such a sport is archery or shooting. Cycling, squash, skiing, water sports and swimming are also among the other sports that may require an individual to wear protective eyeglasses.


Professionals and students - individuals that spend a lot of time in front of a screen should consider getting special glasses to protect them from glare and blue light. Office workers who stare at their desktops and computers are among the most vulnerable when it comes to blue light problems. College students who work on tablets or laptops also need to consider protecting their eyes from direct exposure.


Everyday people - whether you are a professional or just an individual going out on the beach to relax, it may be a good idea to consider getting protective glasses. Shades or sunglasses are particularly a good option if you are going to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Such glasses protect your eyes from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Photochromic lenses automatically get darker when you are exposed to too much light and that helps ensure you maintain proper vision at all times.



Ever turned on the TV and noticed just how handsome or beautiful your favourite actor looks in a pair of glasses? Well, chances are that they are putting on those glasses purely for cosmetic purposes. Indeed there are a variety of glasses specially designed to complement your overall look. The best part is that such glasses may double up as protective shields against dust and excessive light. What’s more, they come in a range of shapes, designs and colours to suit the occasion and outfit of choice.


What to Consider When Buying Glasses

Here are just a few of the things you should consider when thinking of getting glasses.


The size

The size of the eyeglasses you get can determine how comfortable and safe they are. Optometrists are likely to take measurements to ensure that they produce the perfect fit for your face. Oversized glasses may be hard to keep in place while those that are too small may not feel as comfortable as they should. Additionally, the size of your eyes also helps inform the most ideal size of glasses for you. Check our size guide to understand what size is correct for you.


Frame material

Frames are designed using a variety of materials including wood, horn, bone, metal. Plastic and metal alloys. Each type of material has its unique advantages. For instance, metal frames can be quite thin and lightweight while plastic frames are quite versatile and can be used in designing trendy and protective eyewear.


Frame shape

Your face shape often plays a role in determining the best design in terms of shape. A rectangular face can match with classic wayframe or browline glasses while an oval face shape tends to go well with just about any type of glasses. If you are unsure of how to select the right glasses for your face shape, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance. We also have a virtual try-on option that lets you test different types of glasses to determine the best fit.


Type of lens

There are a variety of lenses that can be used to design glasses. Aspheric lenses are quite popular because they are exceptionally thin, attractive, and provide sharp peripheral vision. Polycarbonate and trivex lenses are also thin but 10 times more impact-resistant than conventional lenses making them an ideal option for active individuals and children. Other types of lenses include high-index plastic lenses, wavefront technology lenses, photochromic lenses, and polarized lenses.


The user

There are special glasses for children, women, and men. There are also unisex glasses that can easily be worn by any sex. Children are quite playful and may require glasses that are made of hard materials to ensure safety. Grownups on the other hand are often more careful and can therefore use glasses that are designed with fragile materials without the risk of damage.


The purpose

The purpose for which you are buying glasses can help you determine the best options to pick. Reading glasses make use of powerful lenses with magnifying properties while glasses with trifocal lenses make it possible for users to get a better vision while looking at objects in three different positions mainly near, intermediate, and far. Some glasses like blue light glasses shield against blue light and ultraviolet rays while others simply offer cosmetic benefits.


The costs

Glasses are available in a variety of price ranges. At SmartBuyGlasses, we have cosmetic, prescription and sports glasses that run from as low as £10 to powerful and luxurious options that can cost over £200. We also offer exceptional discounts and after-sales services to ensure that our customers enjoy the glasses they get from us.


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