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    At SmartBuyGlasses , we have Salice sunglasses online in the UK. Find the latest Salice sunglasses for low prices online in the UK. Order today and get free shipping, a free lens kit, and a 2 year warranty on your purchase.


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    Choose Your Model

    Salice Salice 001

    Salice Salice 001 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 002

    Salice Salice 002 ITA

    Salice Salice 004

    Salice Salice 004 ITA

    Salice Salice 004 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 004 Polarized

    Salice Salice 005

    Salice Salice 005 ITA

    Salice Salice 005 ITA LM-TEAM LAMPRE EDITION

    Salice Salice 005 ITA LM-TEAM LAMPRE EDITION Polarized

    Salice Salice 005 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 005 Polarized

    Salice Salice 006

    Salice Salice 006 ITA

    Salice Salice 006 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 006 Polarized

    Salice Salice 007 ITA

    Salice Salice 007 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 008

    Salice Salice 009

    Salice Salice 010

    Salice Salice 011

    Salice Salice 011 ITA

    Salice Salice 011 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 011 Polarized

    Salice Salice 012

    Salice Salice 012 ITA

    Salice Salice 012 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 012 Polarized

    Salice Salice 147 Junior

    Salice Salice 152 Junior

    Salice Salice 3047

    Salice Salice 3047 ITA

    Salice Salice 3047 ITA Polarized

    Salice Salice 3047 Polarized

    Salice Salice 342

    Salice Salice 342 ITA

    Salice Salice 346

    Salice Salice 600

    Salice Salice 600 Hawk Polarized

    Salice Salice 601 Junior

    Salice Salice 601 Junior Spark

    Salice Salice 606 ITA

    Salice Salice 608

    Salice Salice 608 ITA

    Salice Salice 608 Polarized

    Salice Salice 608 Ride

    Salice Salice 609

    Salice Salice 609 ITA

    Salice Salice 609 Pro Polarized

    Salice Salice 705 Junior

    Salice Salice 708 ITA Junior

    Salice Salice 708 Junior

    Salice Salice 708 Junior Flow

    Salice Salice 777 Junior

    Salice Salice 777 Junior Super Bambino

    Salice Salice 800

    Salice Salice 804

    Salice Salice 804 Free Polarized

    Salice Salice 804 ITA

    Salice Salice 806

    Salice Salice 808

    Salice Salice 823

    Salice Salice 827

    Salice Salice 829

    Salice Salice 829 Trail-X

    Salice Salice 837

    Salice Salice 838 Optic

    Salice Salice 838 Optic Polarized

    Salice Salice 843

    Salice Salice 884

    Salice Salice 886 Junior

    Salice Salice 886 Junior Racer

    Salice Salice 897 Junior

    Salice Salice 897 Junior Orbit

    Salice Salice 901 Junior

    Salice Salice 901 Junior Strike

    Salice Salice 905

    Salice Salice 905 Eagle OTG Polarized

    Salice Salice 905 ITA

    Salice Salice 962

    Salice Salice 969

    Salice Salice 969 Lightning Polarized

    Salice Salice 983 Junior

    Salice Salice 983 Junior Advanced

    Salice Salice 995

    Salice Salice 995 Polarized

    Salice Salice Cspeed

    Salice Salice Cspeed Polarized

    Salice Salice VISIERA

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Salice Sunglasses

    Salice Sunglasses

    Winter sports on the slopes? Summer bike rides through the countryside? No matter what you get up to, get into it with a pair of Salice sunnies. Shop the collection of men’s, women’s, unisex and junior designs and find a pair that suits your budget as well as your style. Trusted by the pros and loved by fans everywhere, Salice offers a range of eyewear products that protect your eyes whilst keeping you looking and feeling great.

    Salice sunglasses are built for the best. Top-selling styles come in colours like hot pink and bright white, with lenses that vary from charcoal to green to orange. You’ll stand out on the slopes in these stylish shades and goggles, but there’s more than meets the eye to each pair. The patented Salice Photochromic (CRX) lenses provide superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays and bright reflections from snow. Once the lenses are hit by the rays, they automatically adapt to the conditions. The genius technology navigates the surroundings for optimum visibility, so you can focus on the stuff that matters – having fun! The array of sunglasses come in wraparound, aviator-style, square and circle shapes so you have a wide selection to choose from. Several pairs are adorned with the signature Italian colours of white, red and green, so you can pay homage to your favourite brand as you wear it. The polarized goggles for skiing and snowboarding, as well as a selection of sunglasses, come in fun styles to ensure your eyewear is great-looking, comfortable and durable no matter where your day takes you. After all, you don’t have to be a pro to look like one.

    Your Salice sunglasses or goggles will come complete with the original case, warranty certificates, tags and a lens cloth for easy upkeep. Plus our comprehensive 100-day return policy means swapping or returning your purchase is a piece of cake. Whether you want Salice goggles, Persol wayfarer-styles or Ray-Ban Aviator-Styles, you’ll find it all at SmartBuyGlasses UK.

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