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    At SmartBuyGlasses UK, we carry the entire Prada sunglasses collection at low prices in the country. Find Prada sunglasses online today and get free delivery on all our eyewear.


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    Prada Baroque PR27NS

    Prada Baroque PR27OS

    Prada PR01OS

    Prada PR01OS Polarized

    Prada PR01QS

    Prada PR01RS

    Prada PR02NS

    Prada PR02OS

    Prada PR02QS

    Prada PR02RS

    Prada PR03NS

    Prada PR03NSA

    Prada PR03RS

    Prada PR04NSA

    Prada PR04OS

    Prada PR04QS

    Prada PR04RS

    Prada PR05PS

    Prada PR06OS

    Prada PR06QS

    Prada PR06RS

    Prada PR07OS

    Prada PR07PS

    Prada PR07RS

    Prada PR08LSA

    Prada PR08OS

    Prada PR08QS

    Prada PR08RS

    Prada PR09OS

    Prada PR09PS

    Prada PR09QS

    Prada PR10OS

    Prada PR10RS

    Prada PR11RS

    Prada PR12QS

    Prada PR12RS

    Prada PR13OS Folding

    Prada PR13QS

    Prada PR13RS

    Prada PR14QS

    Prada PR14RS

    Prada PR15MS

    Prada PR15PS

    Prada PR15QS

    Prada PR15RS

    Prada PR16LS

    Prada PR16PS

    Prada PR16QS

    Prada PR16RS

    Prada PR17NS

    Prada PR17OS

    Prada PR17PS

    Prada PR17QS

    Prada PR17RS

    Prada PR18NS

    Prada PR18PS

    Prada PR18RS

    Prada PR19MS

    Prada PR19PS

    Prada PR20PS

    Prada PR21NS

    Prada PR21QS

    Prada PR22MS

    Prada PR22QS

    Prada PR23OS

    Prada PR23QS

    Prada PR24NS

    Prada PR24QS

    Prada PR24RS

    Prada PR25MS

    Prada PR25QS

    Prada PR25RS

    Prada PR26QS

    Prada PR27LS

    Prada PR27NS

    Prada PR27OS

    Prada PR27PS

    Prada PR27QS

    Prada PR28NS

    Prada PR28PS

    Prada PR28QS

    Prada PR29NS

    Prada PR29PS

    Prada PR29QS

    Prada PR29RS

    Prada PR30PS

    Prada PR30PS Polarized

    Prada PR30QS

    Prada PR31NS

    Prada PR31PS

    Prada PR31QS

    Prada PR32NS

    Prada PR32PS

    Prada PR32PS Polarized

    Prada PR50QS

    Prada PR50RS

    Prada PR51OS

    Prada PR51PS

    Prada PR51QS

    Prada PR51RS

    Prada PR51RS Polarized

    Prada PR52OS

    Prada PR52PS

    Prada PR52PS Polarized

    Prada PR52QS

    Prada PR52RS

    Prada PR53OS

    Prada PR53QS

    Prada PR53QS Polarized

    Prada PR53RS

    Prada PR54IS

    Prada PR54NS

    Prada PR54OS

    Prada PR55QS

    Prada PR57LS

    Prada PR57NS

    Prada PR57OS

    Prada PR58MS

    Prada PR58OS

    Prada PR61NS

    Prada PR61OS

    Prada PR68OS

    Special Features

    Most Popular Shapes


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Prada® Sunglasses


    Prada® Sunglasses

    Prada is unparalleled when it comes to luxury fashion. Since 1913, the Italian fashion house has influenced the way the world perceives, creates and inspires ready-to-wear apparel designs. Notably, Prada offers some of the most iconic and glamorous sunglasses for men and women that the eyewear industry has to offer. Celebrities and movie stars alike, such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Robert Downey Jr. and George Clooney, can be seen wearing Prada eyewear regularly. It is the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and style that makes these sunglasses an exceptional fashion accessory.
    Prada eyewear just released their newest Spring & Summer 2015 seasonal collection to enjoy. The new and iconic, round framed Prada 0PR27OS ROM6P1 sunglasses are a must-have for every fashionista out there. The glasses arms feature elegant waves and curls and are unlike any other sunglasses you have ever seen. In terms of luxury, they are at the top of the list and they even come in a variety of lovely colours. If you are going for more of a chic look, then the Prada PR05PS MAT/1X1 cat-eye sunglasses are just what you need. For men, the stylish and suave Prada 0PR51OS FAD/3M1 sunnies are a great choice. They complement any face shape and will emphasize your great taste in fashionable eyewear. Not to mention, they are the perfect pair of sunglasses for any outfit or occasion, whether you are meeting with clients or taking a stroll in the park.
    All of Prada’s eyewear for men and women are made with the highest quality materials. Prada sunglasses are made with either plastic or metal frames, and come with customisable plastic lenses. As always, Prada sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun. To make the post of your purchase, be sure to customise your favourite pair of sunglasses with your personal prescription lenses. With this look, you can enjoy perfect vision and exceptional style for many years to come.

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