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    We offer all the hottest styles of Police sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses UK. Find low prices on our entire stock of Police sunglasses and other many other designer brands. Get free shipping and a free lens kit with your order today.


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  • Unisex
  • Kids

Choose Your Model

Police AG1865 Polarized

Police AGGIUNTIVO AG1869 Polarized

Police S1717

Police S1797 WARRIOR

Police S1798 DRIFT 2

Police S1800 DRIFT 3

Police S1801 DUST 1

Police S1805 STEEL

Police S1806 FREEDOM 1

Police S1809 CHAOS 1 Polarized

Police S1810 VILLAGE BY YOSHI GOHARA Polarized

Police S1856 SCREW 1

Police S1856V SCREW 1

Police S1858 CRYPTO 2 Polarized

Police S1859 CRYPTO 3

Police S1861 SKYLINE 2

Police S1861 SKYLINE 2 Polarized

Police S1862 SKYLINE 3

Police S1862 SKYLINE 3 Polarized

Police S1863 SPECTRUM 1

Police S1870 ASTRAL 1

Police S1870 ASTRAL 1 Polarized

Police S1871 ASTRAL 2

Police S1871 ASTRAL 2 Polarized

Police S1877 BONITA 1

Police S1878 BONITA 2

Police S1879 ORCHID 1

Police S1880 ORCHID 2

Police S1881 SANDY 1

Police S1882 SANDY 2


Police S1889M BAYOU BY YOSHI GOHARA Polarized

Police S1909 LOUMA 1

Police S1910 LOUMA 2

Police S1936V HOT 1

Police S1937 HOT 2

Police S1944 EXCHANGE 1

Police S1944 EXCHANGE 1 Polarized

Police S1945 EXCHANGE 2

Police S1945 EXCHANGE 2 Polarized

Police S1948 NEYMAR JR

Police S1949 GAME 1 Polarized

Police S1949V GAME 1

Police S1950 GAME 2 Polarized

Police S1951 MASTER 1

Police S1951 MASTER 1 Polarized

Police S1952 MASTER 2

Police S1952 MASTER 2 Polarized

Police S1953 MASTER 3

Police S1953 MASTER 3 Polarized

Police S1954 OFFSIDE 1

Police S1955 LOOK BLACK 1

Police S1955 LOOK BLACK 1 Polarized

Police S1956 LOOK BLACK 2

Police S1956 LOOK BLACK 2 Polarized

Police S1957 LOOK BLACK 3

Police S1957 LOOK BLACK 3 Polarized

Police S1958 MOXIE 1

Police S1958 MOXIE 1 Polarized

Police S1959 MOXIE 2

Police S1960M NEYMAR JR 2

Police S1961M NEYMAR JR 3

Police S1967 SANDY 3

Police S1968 GAME 3

Police S1969 GAME 4

Police S1970 SUPERIOR 1

Police S1971 SUPERIOR 2

Police S1986 TRICK 1

Police S1988 TRICK 2

Police S8299

Police S8299 Polarized

Police S8640

Police S8641

Police S8743 RAZOR 1

Police S8743 RAZOR 1 Polarized

Police S8744 RAZOR 2

Police S8744 RAZOR 2 Polarized

Police S8745 LEGEND 1

Police S8745 LEGEND 1 Polarized

Police S8745M

Police S8746 LEGEND 2

Police S8747 LEGEND 3

Police S8754 RUSH 1

Police S8754 RUSH 1 Polarized

Police S8756 CHARGER 1

Police S8756 CHARGER 1 Polarized

Police S8757 CHARGER 2 Polarized

Police S8764 CHAOS 3

Police S8765 HERO 2

Police S8766 RUSH 3

Police S8768 GRAMERCY Polarized

Police S8769 GREENWICH Polarized



Police S8826

Police S8827

Police S8843 CUBE 4

Police S8844 SPARK 1

Police S8844 SPARK 1 Polarized

Police S8848 FLASH 1

Police S8848 FLASH 1 Polarized

Police S8849 FLASH 2

Police S8850 GLIDER 1

Police S8850 GLIDER 1 Polarized

Police S8851 GLIDER 2

Police S8854 SHEER

Police S8855 FORCE

Police S8856 BRAZEN

Police S8871 HURRICANE 1

Police S8872 HURRICANE 2

Police S8948 HISTORY 1

Police S8950 MOMENTUM 2

Police S8952 RIVAL 1

Police S8952 RIVAL 1 Polarized

Police S8953 RIVAL 2

Police S8953 RIVAL 2 Polarized

Police S8954 RIVAL 3

Police S8954 RIVAL 3 Polarized

Police S8955 OFFSIDE 2

Police S8956 DEFENSE 1

Police S8957 DEFENSE 2

Police S8958 NEYMAR JR 4

Police S8959 CUBE 6

Police S8960 OFFSIDE 3

Police S8965M NEYMAR JR 6

Police S8976 GLORY 2

Police S8977 GLORY 3

Police SK023 For Kids Polarized

Police SK024 For Kids Polarized

Police SK032 SPIKE

Police SK033 BRUCE

Police SK033 BRUCE Polarized

Police SK034 CLARK

Police SK034 CLARK Polarized

Police SK502

Police SK523 For Kids

Police SK528 For Kids

Police SK529 For Kids

Police SK536 NEYMAR JR 7

Police SK539 RIVAL 6

Police SK539 RIVAL 6 Polarized

Police SK540 RIVAL 7

Police SK540 RIVAL 7 Polarized

Police SPL086 TRICK 6

Police SPL086 TRICK 6 Polarized

Special Features

  • Polarised
  • Prescription
  • Fast Delivery
  • Clearance
  • Virtual Try On

Most Popular Shapes

Frame Type

  • Full Rim
  • Semi Rimless
  • Rimless

Frame Colour

Lens Colour


    Lens Width

  • 40 mm
    80 mm

Police Butterfly Sunglasses


Police Butterfly Sunglasses

Imitating the mirrored sunglasses often worn by United States police officers in the 80's and 90's, Police sunglasses have a very modern metropolitan appeal.  In addition to several unique unisex models, Police sunglasses offer fashionable sunglasses with styles made famous by celebrities like George Clooney and David Beckham.  Police sunglasses are some of the more charismatic of our urban culture lines.

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