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    Choose your favourite Oxydo Sunglasses models at SmartBuyGlasses UK. Secure online store and enjoy a Free Delivery straight to your doorstep.


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    Choose Your Model

    Oxydo 80S STORY 1

    Oxydo 80S STORY 2

    Oxydo ACE 1 CAPS

    Oxydo ACE 1 STRASS

    Oxydo ANJA

    Oxydo BELLATOR

    Oxydo BELLATOR Polarized

    Oxydo BOGY

    Oxydo BOGY Polarized

    Oxydo BUTCH

    Oxydo CALYPSE

    Oxydo CONCEPT 2

    Oxydo EXIT 1

    Oxydo EXIT 2

    Oxydo EXODUS 1

    Oxydo EXODUS 2

    Oxydo FASHION

    Oxydo FEELING

    Oxydo FLORE

    Oxydo FULLMOON

    Oxydo GETAWAY

    Oxydo GRAVIS

    Oxydo GRAVIS Polarized

    Oxydo GRETA



    Oxydo JASMIN

    Oxydo JUDE

    Oxydo JULYETTE


    Oxydo LADY 1

    Oxydo LADY 2

    Oxydo MAGNUM

    Oxydo MAS

    Oxydo MIXS 1

    Oxydo MIXS 2

    Oxydo MUNDUS

    Oxydo NENA

    Oxydo OCTOPUS 1

    Oxydo OX 1002/S

    Oxydo OX 1003/S

    Oxydo OX 1004/S

    Oxydo OX 1005/S

    Oxydo OX 1006/S

    Oxydo OX 1007/S

    Oxydo OX 1008/S

    Oxydo OX 1009/S

    Oxydo OX 1010/S

    Oxydo OX 1011/S

    Oxydo OX 1012/S

    Oxydo OX 1013/S

    Oxydo OX 1014/S

    Oxydo OX 1015/S

    Oxydo OX 1016/S

    Oxydo OX 1018/S

    Oxydo OX 1019/S

    Oxydo OX 1022/S

    Oxydo OX 1023/N/S

    Oxydo OX 1023/S

    Oxydo OX 1024/S

    Oxydo OX 1025/S

    Oxydo OX 1026/S

    Oxydo OX 1027/S

    Oxydo OX 1029/S

    Oxydo OX 1030/S

    Oxydo OX 1031/S

    Oxydo OX 1031/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1032/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1034/S

    Oxydo OX 1035/S

    Oxydo OX 1036/S

    Oxydo OX 1037/S

    Oxydo OX 1039/S

    Oxydo OX 1040/S

    Oxydo OX 1040/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1041/S

    Oxydo OX 1041/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1042/S

    Oxydo OX 1042/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1044/S

    Oxydo OX 1045/S

    Oxydo OX 1046/S

    Oxydo OX 1047/S

    Oxydo OX 1048/S

    Oxydo OX 1049/S

    Oxydo OX 1050/S

    Oxydo OX 1052/S

    Oxydo OX 1053/S

    Oxydo OX 1054/S

    Oxydo OX 1055/S

    Oxydo OX 1055/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1056/S

    Oxydo OX 1056/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1057/S

    Oxydo OX 1058/S

    Oxydo OX 1059/S

    Oxydo OX 1059/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1060/S

    Oxydo OX 1060/S Polarized

    Oxydo OX 1061/S

    Oxydo OX 1062/S

    Oxydo OX 1063/S

    Oxydo OX 1064/S

    Oxydo OX 1065/S

    Oxydo OX 1065/SC/S

    Oxydo OX 1066/S

    Oxydo OX 1067/S

    Oxydo OX 1068/S

    Oxydo OX 1069/S

    Oxydo OX 1070/S

    Oxydo OX 1070/SC/S

    Oxydo OX 1071/S

    Oxydo OX 1072/S

    Oxydo OX 1073/S

    Oxydo OX 1074/S

    Oxydo OX 1075/S

    Oxydo OX 1076/S

    Oxydo OX 1077/S

    Oxydo OX 1078/S

    Oxydo OX 1079/S

    Oxydo OX 1079/SC/S

    Oxydo OX 1080/S

    Oxydo OX 1081/S

    Oxydo OX 1082/S

    Oxydo PAULINE


    Oxydo STRANGER

    Oxydo SUM

    Oxydo THANX 2

    Oxydo TWIN TOP 4

    Oxydo VAFRUM

    Oxydo VERTIGO

    Oxydo WIDE

    Oxydo WRAP

    Oxydo WRAP Polarized

    Oxydo X-BLADE 12

    Oxydo X-BLADE 5

    Oxydo X-BLADE 6

    Oxydo X-DANCE

    Oxydo X-FIFTY 1

    Oxydo X-FIFTY 2

    Oxydo X-GHOST

    Oxydo X-HAPPY

    Oxydo X-JANE

    Oxydo X-KRISTINA

    Oxydo X-OTTANTA 1

    Oxydo X-OTTANTA 2

    Oxydo X-OTTANTA 3

    Oxydo X-OTTANTA 4

    Oxydo X-PARTY 2

    Oxydo X-PATTY

    Oxydo X-PEPPER

    Oxydo X-PREY

    Oxydo X-RAP

    Oxydo X-RARE

    Oxydo X-RAVE

    Oxydo X-SCAR 2

    Oxydo X-SEX

    Oxydo X-SHARK 2

    Oxydo X-SHARK 2 Polarized

    Oxydo X-SHARK 3

    Oxydo X-STAR

    Oxydo X-STRIPE 1

    Oxydo X-STRIPE 2

    Oxydo X-TOUR 1

    Oxydo X-TOUR 1 Polarized

    Oxydo X-TOUR 2

    Oxydo X-TOUR 3

    Oxydo X-TRAINER 2

    Oxydo XIDERAL 2



      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

    BUY ONE,

    For every pair of
    glasses you buy,
    we give one to
    someone in need


    Oxydo Sunglasses


    Oxydo Sunglasses

    Oxydo sunglasses are made for the individual who craves unique, creative design from their sunglasses. A pair of these contemporary sunnies will help you showcase your personality and give your look a contemporary finish. Whether you’re out at the beach or taking a long drive, you’ll always feel fantastic in a pair Oxydo sunglasses. Colour variations in deep brown and black are simple to integrate into your daily wardrobe. Shop for top of the line designer frames like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster or, Persol 649, and enjoy free worldwide shipping when you buy from SmartBuyGlasses.

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