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    Find the best Designer Sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses . Michael Kors Shades, including Free Delivery ! The latest styles, models and colours are available for Men, Women and Kids.


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    Choose Your Model

    Michael Kors M 2487S ALISSA

    Michael Kors M 2856S KATE

    Michael Kors MK1001 GRAMERCY

    Michael Kors MK1002B CROATIA

    Michael Kors MK1003 FIJI

    Michael Kors MK1003 FIJI Polarized

    Michael Kors MK2002 WAIKIKI

    Michael Kors MK2002MB PARIS

    Michael Kors MK2002QM BRAZIL

    Michael Kors MK2003B VILLEFRANCHE

    Michael Kors MK2004Q PANAMA

    Michael Kors MK2005 CANEEL

    Michael Kors MK2006 TAORMINA

    Michael Kors MK2007 KEY WEST

    Michael Kors MK2008B ANDORRA

    Michael Kors MK2008B ANDORRA Polarized

    Michael Kors MK2009 GSTAAD

    Michael Kors MK2009 GSTAAD Polarized

    Michael Kors MK2010B BORA BORA

    Michael Kors MK2011B SONOMA

    Michael Kors MK2014 PARADISE BEACH

    Michael Kors MK5001 ZANZIBAR

    Michael Kors MK5001 ZANZIBAR Polarized

    Michael Kors MK5002 GRAND CANYON

    Michael Kors MK5003 CAGLIARI

    Michael Kors MK5004 CHELSEA

    Michael Kors MK5004 CHELSEA Polarized

    Michael Kors MK5005 PAPHOS

    Michael Kors MK5006 PLAYA NORTE

    Michael Kors MK5006 PLAYA NORTE Polarized

    Michael Kors MK5007 HVAR

    Michael Kors MK5007 HVAR Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6001B BERMUDA

    Michael Kors MK6002B CRETE

    Michael Kors MK6003 SALZBURG

    Michael Kors MK6004 KAUAI

    Michael Kors MK6004 KAUAI Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6005 MYKONOS

    Michael Kors MK6006 MARRAKESH

    Michael Kors MK6006 MARRAKESH Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6007 TAHITI

    Michael Kors MK6007 TAHITI Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6008 WAINSCOTT

    Michael Kors MK6009 ALGARVE

    Michael Kors MK6009 ALGARVE Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6010 BENIDORM

    Michael Kors MK6012 PUERTO BANUS

    Michael Kors MK6013 CUIABA

    Michael Kors MK6013 CUIABA Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6014 PUNTE ARENAS

    Michael Kors MK6016 SANDESTIN

    Michael Kors MK6016 SANDESTIN Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6017 ISLE OF SKYE

    Michael Kors MK6017 ISLE OF SKYE Polarized

    Michael Kors MK6018 HANALEI BAY

    Michael Kors MK6019 CHAMPAGNE BEACH

    Michael Kors MKS 144

    Michael Kors MKS 168M GRANT

    Michael Kors MKS 291 PORTIA

    Michael Kors MKS 351M BRADY

    Special Features

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Type


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Michael Kors Sunglasses

    Michael KorsSunglasses

    Michael Kors Sunglasses

    Michael Kors sunglasses are as fashionable and upscale as his other stylish collections such as designer watches, handbags, and apparel. The American designer is known for his clean and classic aesthetic with an upscale touch. Michael Kors sunglasses come in an assortment of colours and materials that are all ultra-feminine, delicate, and of course stylish.

    Michael Kors Sunglasses UK

    Michael Kors is at the center of every Fashion Week with his designs on the runway and he is always the co-host of Heidi Klum on the fashion competition show, Project Runway. The entire collection of Michael Kors Sunglasses UK is available on SmartBuyGlasses UK with free shipping, 24-month warranty, and convenient and simple 100-days no questions asked returns. Michael Kors sunglasses have been favourites of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, and Eva Longoria have all been seen sporting the lovely Michael Kors Sausalito sunglasses model. Another best seller is the oversized pilot sunglasses, the Michael Kors Jemma sunglasses which is available in five beautiful colours such as black, brown, white, and gray. It has metallic details on a plastic frame and is perfect for those who have a bold sense of style.

    Michael Kors Sunglasses Sale

    For great prices and free shipping on your favourite designer brand, SmartBuyGlasses has a wonderful Michael Kors Sunglasses sale. Get the pair you’ve been dreaming of for the summer and check out new models such as Michael Kors Peyton, Camila, Sophie, and more. Each of the designer sunglasses models are named after women and we all know that Michael Kors has many female celebrity friends. Look dashing with a pair of high-quality sunglasses for everyone’s beloved TV fashion judge and guru.

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