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    At SmartBuyGlasses UK, we carry the entire Furla sunglasses collection at low prices in the country. Find Furla sunglasses online today and get free delivery on all our eyewear.


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    Choose Your Model

    Furla SU4011

    Furla SU4024 Stripe Running

    Furla SU4025

    Furla SU4031M

    Furla SU4032 Modern Military

    Furla SU4033 Toogles

    Furla SU4035

    Furla SU4048

    Furla SU4054M

    Furla SU4056

    Furla SU4057

    Furla SU4075

    Furla SU4076

    Furla SU4078

    Furla SU4082

    Furla SU4083

    Furla SU4223 Cassia

    Furla SU4224S

    Furla SU4225

    Furla SU4226

    Furla SU4236

    Furla SU4237G

    Furla SU4254

    Furla SU4255

    Furla SU4256

    Furla SU4264

    Furla SU4273

    Furla SU4273S

    Furla SU4274

    Furla SU4274S

    Furla SU4275

    Furla SU4275S

    Furla SU4276

    Furla SU4289 Jasmin

    Furla SU4290S Frida

    Furla SU4291 Flore

    Furla SU4292 Candy

    Furla SU4314 Candy

    Furla SU4315 Candy

    Furla SU4326 Finito

    Furla SU4327 Metropolis

    Furla SU4503

    Furla SU4508 Cruise

    Furla SU4510 Greta

    Furla SU4520 Lovers

    Furla SU4521 Lovers

    Furla SU4522 Modern Chain

    Furla SU4523 Marina

    Furla SU4525 Easy Sail

    Furla SU4539 Butterfly

    Furla SU4544 Working Girl

    Furla SU4546 Techno

    Furla SU4547 Helen

    Furla SU4568 Diane

    Furla SU4570

    Furla SU4661

    Furla SU4687

    Furla SU4719

    Furla SU4720 Jucca

    Furla SU4721

    Furla SU4723

    Furla SU4724

    Furla SU4725

    Furla SU4726 D-Light

    Furla SU4727

    Furla SU4727S

    Furla SU4728

    Furla SU4728S

    Furla SU4729

    Furla SU4730

    Furla SU4747G

    Furla SU4748G

    Furla SU4751

    Furla SU4752 Amelie

    Furla SU4753

    Furla SU4765 Salina

    Furla SU4766

    Furla SU4767

    Furla SU4768

    Furla SU4769

    Furla SU4770

    Furla SU4771 Portofino

    Furla SU4772

    Furla SU4773

    Furla SU4774

    Furla SU4775 Capri

    Furla SU4776

    Furla SU4777

    Furla SU4778

    Furla SU4787 Groove

    Furla SU4788 Piper

    Furla SU4788S Piper

    Furla SU4789

    Furla SU4789S

    Furla SU4815

    Furla SU4816 Papermoon

    Furla SU4817

    Furla SU4818

    Furla SU4819

    Furla SU4820 Groove

    Furla SU4821

    Furla SU4822

    Furla SU4824

    Furla SU4825

    Furla SU4826 Cindy

    Furla SU4827 Cindy

    Furla SU4833 Candy

    Furla SU4834 Candy

    Furla SU4835 Candy

    Furla SU4836 Candy

    Furla SU4847 Cortina

    Furla SU4848 Cortina

    Furla SU4849 Cortina

    Furla SU4849V Cortina

    Furla SU4850 Pelion

    Furla SU4851 Pelion

    Furla SU4852 Meridienne

    Furla SU4853 Jasmin

    Furla SU4854 Jasmin

    Furla SU4855S Frida

    Furla SU4856S Frida

    Furla SU4881 Candy

    Furla SU4882 Candy

    Furla SU4883 Candy

    Furla SU4884 Candy Folding

    Furla SU4896S Zizi

    Furla SU4897S Zizi

    Furla SU4898 Cherie

    Furla SU4899 Cherie

    Furla SU4900 Linda

    Furla SU4901 Linda

    Furla SU4902 Melody

    Furla SU4903 Melody

    Furla SU4904S College

    Furla SU4905S College

    Furla SU4906 Candy

    Furla SU4907 Candy

    Furla SU4933 Finito

    Furla SU4934 Finito

    Most Popular Shapes


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Furla Sunglasses


    Furla Sunglasses

    High quality craftsmanship, demure and sophisticated frame shapes and superb UV protection – it can only be Furla. This luxurious Italian brand has been dressing women in the best of-the-minute designs for over eighty years. Always managing to stay on trend and provide lavish products at affordable prices, Furla has made owning a slice of upscale urban style a reality. And with the line of Furla sunglasses available for less with SmartBuyGlasses, it’s never been easier.

    The Furlanetto family launched the brand in 1927 in the heart of Bologne, Italy. Today, it remains an upmarket and sought after label in countries all over the world. When looking at the collection, it’s easy to see why. These sunglasses from Furla appeal to the modern, sophisticated woman that likes to dress up her look by simply slipping on her sunnies. Bold pinks, blacks and reds are available to give your look just the finish you want. And with many shapes to choose from – lost of them oversized for that extra glam feel – you’ll have no trouble finding something that suits your face shape. If you’re not sure how they’ll look on you, we have the 3D Try On feature to help put your mind at ease. You can upload a picture of yourself or switch on your webcam, and drag and drop the sunnies you like onto your face to see how they fit. You can try up to four of your favourite Furla’s at once, and can even share them on Facebook to see what your friends think. Alternatively, you can use the 360 Spin feature to get an up close look at these sunglasses from every angle before making a choice.

    Enjoy free shipping on every pair of sunglasses you buy with us, and we’ll even throw in a free lens care kit worth £10 to keep your new glasses looking good as new. For these and other shopping perks, pick up your Furla sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses.

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