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    SmartBuyGlasses UK offers a wide range of Calvin Klein sunglasses online, with different colours and materials for frames and lenses. Buy your favourite model online, including free delivery.


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    Calvin Klein 7741S

    Calvin Klein CK1184S

    Calvin Klein CK4215S

    Calvin Klein CK4217S

    Calvin Klein CK4223S

    Calvin Klein CK4249S

    Calvin Klein CK7116 Clip On

    Calvin Klein CK7125SP

    Calvin Klein CK7345SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7346SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7347SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7361S

    Calvin Klein CK7362S

    Calvin Klein CK7362SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7363SP

    Calvin Klein CK7377S

    Calvin Klein CK7377SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7378S

    Calvin Klein CK7378SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7379S

    Calvin Klein CK7379SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7380S

    Calvin Klein CK7467SP

    Calvin Klein CK7478SP

    Calvin Klein CK7478SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7479SP

    Calvin Klein CK7480S

    Calvin Klein CK7487S

    Calvin Klein CK7488SP

    Calvin Klein CK7706

    Calvin Klein CK7741S

    Calvin Klein CK7813SP

    Calvin Klein CK7820S

    Calvin Klein CK7854SP

    Calvin Klein CK7854SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7859S

    Calvin Klein CK7860S

    Calvin Klein CK7861S

    Calvin Klein CK7862S

    Calvin Klein CK7863S

    Calvin Klein CK7864S

    Calvin Klein CK7868S

    Calvin Klein CK7871S

    Calvin Klein CK7872SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7873SP

    Calvin Klein CK7874S

    Calvin Klein CK7895SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7897S

    Calvin Klein CK7898S

    Calvin Klein CK7899S

    Calvin Klein CK7900S

    Calvin Klein CK7901S

    Calvin Klein CK7902S

    Calvin Klein CK7903SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7904S

    Calvin Klein CK7905SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7906S

    Calvin Klein CK7906SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7907SP

    Calvin Klein CK7908SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7909S

    Calvin Klein CK7909SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7939S

    Calvin Klein CK7949S

    Calvin Klein CK7950S

    Calvin Klein CK7951S

    Calvin Klein CK7952S

    Calvin Klein CK7952SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7953S

    Calvin Klein CK7953SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7954S

    Calvin Klein CK7955S

    Calvin Klein CK7959S

    Calvin Klein CK7960S

    Calvin Klein CK7960SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7961S

    Calvin Klein CK7961SP Polarized

    Calvin Klein CK7970S

    Calvin Klein CKJ400S

    Calvin Klein CKJ408S

    Calvin Klein CKJ702S

    Calvin Klein CKJ703S

    Calvin Klein CKJ705S

    Calvin Klein CKJ706S

    Calvin Klein CKJ708S

    Calvin Klein CKJ710S

    Calvin Klein CKJ712S

    Calvin Klein CKJ902S

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Sports Purpose

    • Baseball
    • Cycling
    • Driving
    • Fishing
    • Golf
    • Running
    • Ski Goggles
    • Tennis
    • Water Sports

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

    Calvin Klein Sunglasses

    Calvin Klein Sunglasses

    Calvin Klein is one of the most recognised and sought-after designer labels in the world, and for good reason. The blend of modern, simple looks with expert craftsmanship and design makes everything in their collections a must-have for fashion lovers. From Calvin Klein comes CK, a youthful label comprised of fun styles for men and women.

    Calvin Klein Sunglasses UK

    CK sunglasses feature your favourite styles given a fresh makeover for an urban, modern look. Classic oversized styles like the CK7859S Sunglasses are an affordable popular choice. Available in four colour variations, this model takes a stylish butterfly frame shape and infuses it with subtle detailing with cool patterns like havana and warm brown gradient lenses. Every pair is made in Italy, indicative of the quality and attention to detail for which Calvin Klein has become renowned. Colours such as Black, Fire Coral, Havana Red and Marble Blue pop against solid or gradient lenses. Every pair comes with scratch-resistant lenses that offer total UV protection too, so you can enjoy the sun worry-free whilst looking effortlessly stylish! We offer Free Shipping on your new CK sunglasses with all the authentic packaging, including original tags, and a lens cloth to keep them looking good as new. Now, with our 3D Virtual Try-On system, you can try on your favourite pairs of sunglasses from the comfort of your own home before you place your order.

    Purchase Calvin Klein Sunglasses Online

    At SmartBuyGlasses, we stock much more than the full line of CK sunglasses. We carry numerous trendy frame styles including Ray-Ban®, Persol and Gucci sunglasses, and a vast range of Pilot Frames from all your favourite designers. Browse over 160 labels to find the pair you love, or narrow your search and shop by frame shape, colour, brand, price or usage. Our 100-day return policy makes it easy to exchange or refund your purchase so you are completely satisfied. For these shopping perks and more, browse the labels your love at SmartBuyGlasses.

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