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  • Shop for your favourite Sting prescription glasses model at SmartBuyGlasses UK. Secure online store and enjoy free delivery and a 24-month warranty on all our eyewear products.


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    Sting VSJ583

    Sting VSJ584

    Sting VSJ584S C/STRASS

    Sting VSJ585

    Sting VSJ586

    Sting VSJ588

    Sting VSJ589

    Sting VSJ590


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

    BUY ONE,

    For every pair of
    glasses you buy,
    we give one to
    someone in need


    Sting Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £25

    Sting Glasses

    Representing style, elegance and perfection, Michael Schumacher is the lead spokesman for Sting glasses.  Created to suit the needs of customers: ascetics, practicality, and comfort, Sting glasses surpass the understanding of attention to detail.  The unique style of Sting glasses convey the wearer's personality, placing Sting glasses at the forefront of "individuality at a glance."

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