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    For the best deals on Safilo prescription glasses in the UK, SmartBuyGlasses offers low prices online. Check out our collection of Safilo glasses along with thousands of designer glasses and get free shipping today!


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    Safilo Design SD 149

    Safilo Design SD 204

    Safilo Design SD 211

    Safilo Design SD 213

    Safilo Design SD 215

    Safilo Design SD 225

    Safilo Design SD 226

    Safilo Design SD 227

    Safilo Design SD 229

    Safilo Design SD 230

    Safilo Design SD 231

    Safilo Design SD 232

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    Safilo Design SD 255

    Safilo Design SD 256

    Safilo Design SD 257

    Safilo Design SD 258

    Safilo Design SD 259

    Safilo Design SD 260

    Safilo Design SD 261

    Safilo Design SD 262

    Safilo Design SD 263

    Safilo Design SD 264

    Safilo Design SD 265

    Safilo Design SD 266

    Safilo Design SD 267

    Safilo Design SD 271

    Safilo Design SD 272

    Safilo Design SD 273

    Safilo Design SD 274

    Safilo Design SD 275

    Safilo Design SD 276

    Safilo Design SD 277

    Safilo Design SD 278

    Safilo Design SD 279

    Safilo Design SD 280

    Safilo Design SD 281 KIT

    Safilo Design SD 518

    Safilo Elasta E 1129

    Safilo Elasta E 1134

    Safilo Elasta E 1135

    Safilo Elasta E 1136

    Safilo Elasta E 1137

    Safilo Elasta E 1140

    Safilo Elasta E 1141

    Safilo Elasta E 1142

    Safilo Elasta E 1143

    Safilo Elasta E 1633

    Safilo Elasta E 3075

    Safilo Elasta E 3078

    Safilo Elasta E 3079

    Safilo Elasta E 3080

    Safilo Elasta E 3081

    Safilo Elasta E 3082

    Safilo Elasta E 3083

    Safilo Elasta E 3085

    Safilo Elasta E 3086

    Safilo Elasta E 3087

    Safilo Elasta E 3088

    Safilo Elasta E 3089

    Safilo Elasta E 4779

    Safilo Elasta E 4819

    Safilo Elasta E 4829

    Safilo Elasta E 4830

    Safilo Elasta E 4839

    Safilo Elasta E 4840

    Safilo Elasta E 4841

    Safilo Elasta E 5722

    Safilo Elasta E 5751

    Safilo Elasta E 5766

    Safilo Elasta E 5789

    Safilo Elasta E 5790

    Safilo Elasta E 5791

    Safilo Elasta E 5800

    Safilo Elasta E 5801

    Safilo Elasta E 5802

    Safilo Elasta E 5803

    Safilo Elasta E 5804

    Safilo Elasta E 5805

    Safilo Elasta E 5807

    Safilo Elasta E 5808

    Safilo Elasta E 7032

    Safilo Elasta E 7053

    Safilo Elasta E 7056

    Safilo Elasta E 7114

    Safilo Elasta E 7141

    Safilo Elasta E 7142 CLIP-ON

    Safilo Elasta E 7143

    Safilo Elasta E 7144

    Safilo Elasta E 7153

    Safilo Elasta E 7168

    Safilo Elasta E 7177

    Safilo Elasta E 7178

    Safilo Elasta E 7183

    Safilo Library LIB. 1317

    Safilo Library LIB. 1317/N

    Safilo Library LIB. 1341

    Safilo Library LIB. 1353

    Safilo Library LIB. 1357/N

    Safilo Library LIB. 1359

    Safilo Library LIB. 1360

    Safilo Library LIB. 1363

    Safilo Library LIB. 1364

    Safilo Library LIB. 1365

    Safilo Library LIB. 1437/N

    Safilo Library LIB. 1440

    Safilo Library LIB. 1441

    Safilo Library LIB. 69

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Material

    Safilo Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £29

    Safilo Glasses

    Renowned for their comfort, Safilo glasses are a must for anyone looking to find that pair of special glasses that feel invisible.  With patented light weight frames and lenses, Safilo glasses deliver elegant and sophisticated designs, which have become some of the world's most comfortable glasses.  Safilo glasses offer a wide variety of private label brands and own many of the worlds well known fashion labels.   

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