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    SmartBuyGlasses UK offers a wide range Oxydo glasses online, with different colours and materials for frames and lenses. Buy your favourite model online today and enjoy the comfort of a Free Delivery to your doorstep!


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    Oxydo OX 1060

    Oxydo OX 278/N

    Oxydo OX 437

    Oxydo OX 438

    Oxydo OX 439

    Oxydo OX 440

    Oxydo OX 441

    Oxydo OX 442

    Oxydo OX 443

    Oxydo OX 443/N

    Oxydo OX 444

    Oxydo OX 445

    Oxydo OX 446

    Oxydo OX 447

    Oxydo OX 448

    Oxydo OX 449

    Oxydo OX 451

    Oxydo OX 453

    Oxydo OX 454

    Oxydo OX 455

    Oxydo OX 456

    Oxydo OX 457

    Oxydo OX 459

    Oxydo OX 460

    Oxydo OX 461

    Oxydo OX 462

    Oxydo OX 463

    Oxydo OX 464

    Oxydo OX 465

    Oxydo OX 466

    Oxydo OX 467

    Oxydo OX 468

    Oxydo OX 469

    Oxydo OX 470

    Oxydo OX 471

    Oxydo OX 472

    Oxydo OX 473

    Oxydo OX 473/N

    Oxydo OX 474

    Oxydo OX 475

    Oxydo OX 477

    Oxydo OX 478

    Oxydo OX 479

    Oxydo OX 481

    Oxydo OX 482

    Oxydo OX 483

    Oxydo OX 483/N

    Oxydo OX 484

    Oxydo OX 485

    Oxydo OX 487

    Oxydo OX 488

    Oxydo OX 489

    Oxydo OX 491

    Oxydo OX 492

    Oxydo OX 493

    Oxydo OX 494

    Oxydo OX 495

    Oxydo OX 499

    Oxydo OX 500

    Oxydo OX 501

    Oxydo OX 502

    Oxydo OX 503

    Oxydo OX 504

    Oxydo OX 505

    Oxydo OX 506

    Oxydo OX 507

    Oxydo OX 508

    Oxydo OX 509

    Oxydo OX 510

    Oxydo OX 511

    Oxydo OX 512

    Oxydo OX 513

    Oxydo OX 514

    Oxydo OX 515

    Oxydo OX 516

    Oxydo OX 517

    Oxydo OX 518

    Oxydo OX 519

    Oxydo OX 520

    Oxydo OX 521

    Oxydo OX 522

    Oxydo OX 523

    Oxydo OX 524

    Oxydo OX 525

    Oxydo OX 526

    Oxydo OX 527

    Oxydo OX 528

    Oxydo OX 529

    Oxydo OX 530

    Oxydo OX 530/SC

    Oxydo OX 531

    Oxydo OX 532

    Oxydo OX 533

    Oxydo OX 533/SC

    Oxydo OX 534

    Oxydo OX 535

    Oxydo OX 536

    Oxydo OX 537

    Oxydo OX 538

    Oxydo OX 539

    Oxydo OX 540

    Oxydo OX 541

    Oxydo OX 542

    Oxydo OX 543

    Oxydo OX 544

    Oxydo OX 545

    Oxydo OX 546

    Oxydo OX 547

    Oxydo OX 548

    Oxydo OX 549

    Oxydo OX 549/SC

    Oxydo OX 550

    Oxydo OX 552

    Oxydo OX 553

    Oxydo X 100/N

    Oxydo X 192/N

    Oxydo X 233

    Oxydo X 251

    Oxydo X 259

    Oxydo X 261

    Oxydo X 265/N

    Oxydo X 267

    Oxydo X 270

    Oxydo X 271

    Oxydo X 275

    Oxydo X 276

    Oxydo X 280

    Oxydo X 283

    Oxydo X 284

    Oxydo X 285

    Oxydo X 286

    Oxydo X 289

    Oxydo X 291

    Oxydo X 292

    Oxydo X 293

    Oxydo X 294

    Oxydo X 296

    Oxydo X 298

    Oxydo X 299

    Oxydo X 300

    Oxydo X 301

    Oxydo X 303

    Oxydo X 304

    Oxydo X 305

    Oxydo X 306

    Oxydo X 310

    Oxydo X 311

    Oxydo X 315

    Oxydo X 316

    Oxydo X 317

    Oxydo X 318

    Oxydo X 319

    Oxydo X 320

    Oxydo X 321

    Oxydo X 322

    Oxydo X 323

    Oxydo X 324

    Oxydo X 325

    Oxydo X 325/Y

    Oxydo X 326

    Oxydo X 327

    Oxydo X 328

    Oxydo X 329

    Oxydo X 341

    Oxydo X 348

    Oxydo X 349

    Oxydo X 353

    Oxydo X 354

    Oxydo X 355

    Oxydo X 356

    Oxydo X 357

    Oxydo X 358

    Oxydo X 359

    Oxydo X 360

    Oxydo X 361

    Oxydo X 362

    Oxydo X 379

    Oxydo X 381

    Oxydo X 389

    Oxydo X 396

    Oxydo X 397

    Oxydo X 398

    Oxydo X 399

    Oxydo X 400

    Oxydo X 402

    Oxydo X 403

    Oxydo X 404

    Oxydo X 405

    Oxydo X 405 STRASS

    Oxydo X 406

    Oxydo X 407

    Oxydo X 408

    Oxydo X 409

    Oxydo X 412

    Oxydo X 413

    Oxydo X 415

    Oxydo X 416

    Oxydo X 417

    Oxydo X 418

    Oxydo X 419

    Oxydo X 420

    Oxydo X 421

    Oxydo X 425

    Oxydo X 426

    Oxydo X 427

    Oxydo X 428

    Oxydo X 429

    Oxydo X 430

    Oxydo X 431

    Oxydo X 432

    Oxydo X 434

    Oxydo X 435

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Material

    Lens Material

    BUY ONE,

    For every pair of
    glasses you buy,
    we give one to
    someone in need


    Oxydo Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £25

    Oxydo Glasses

    Boasting elegant and unconventional designs, the Oxydo eyewear is for people with a distinctive and refined sense of style. Designed with a target market of young and fashion conscious people in mind, Oxydo eyewear has a wide range of styles for the cool and youthful that are suitable for any occasion. The key values of Oxydo are shown through their non-confomist, creative and high quality designs that are available in a plethora of colours rarely found looking this good in the eyewear market.

    Oxydo Eyewear

    With a pair of Oxydo glasses that boast elegant shapes, distinctive colours and stylish signature details you are sure to stand out from the crowd. The latest Oxydo eyewear collection features innovative and avant-garde sunglasses with distinguished elements such as laser-imprinted logo on the temple tips and the classic step hinge that creates a slight space between the temple and the front of the frame. For women, the hottest flavor of the season is the OX 478, a tantalizing round optical frame made of metal and finished in a outstanding purple. High on visual impact, the OX 504 frame for men has a sophisticated and sleek look with a semi-rimless rectangle frame, available in three colours these glasses are the perfect addition to any look.

    Oxydo Glasses UK

    Take advantage of the Buy One, Give One partnership when you buy from SmartBuyGlasses UK; for every pair you buy, one will be given to a child in need, as well as support provided to charity partners working to improve eye care in developing countries. Plus SmartBuyGlasses offers Free Shipping Worldwide, and you can be sure of safe, timely delivery. So what are you waiting for? Shop now, and pick out a pair of glasses from the world’s trusted, best-loved brands, including Persol, Dolce & Gabbana or Police glasses.

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