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    SmartBuyGlasses UK offers a wide range Furla glasses online, with different colours and materials for frames and lenses. Buy your favourite model online today and enjoy the comfort of a Free Delivery to your doorstep!


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    Choose Your Model

    Furla VU4014

    Furla VU4040

    Furla VU4043

    Furla VU4047L

    Furla VU4068

    Furla VU4069

    Furla VU4070

    Furla VU4072T

    Furla VU4188

    Furla VU4233V

    Furla VU4234S Narciso

    Furla VU4240

    Furla VU4241 Camel

    Furla VU4242 Anemone

    Furla VU4243 Holders Correction

    Furla VU4244

    Furla VU4244S

    Furla VU4245

    Furla VU4246S Holders Correction

    Furla VU4247

    Furla VU4248

    Furla VU4260 Anemone

    Furla VU4262

    Furla VU4265 Belleville

    Furla VU4266 Lollipop

    Furla VU4267S Piper

    Furla VU4268 Portofino

    Furla VU4269 Scilla

    Furla VU4278 Minerva

    Furla VU4279 Olimpia

    Furla VU4280 Olimpia

    Furla VU4281 Scilla

    Furla VU4281S Scilla

    Furla VU4282 Dalia

    Furla VU4283 Gemini

    Furla VU4284 Venus

    Furla VU4293 Meridienne

    Furla VU4300 Candy

    Furla VU4301 Candy

    Furla VU4302 Zizi

    Furla VU4303 Globe

    Furla VU4304 Arcadia

    Furla VU4305 Cortina

    Furla VU4306S Lilli

    Furla VU4307S Melissa

    Furla VU4316 Linda

    Furla VU4317S College

    Furla VU4318 Candy

    Furla VU4331S College

    Furla VU4332S Frame

    Furla VU4333S Frame

    Furla VU4334 Zizi

    Furla VU4335 Melody

    Furla VU4336 Spy

    Furla VU4337 Spy

    Furla VU4511

    Furla VU4512 FOX

    Furla VU4513

    Furla VU4516

    Furla VU4517

    Furla VU4528

    Furla VU4529M

    Furla VU4530

    Furla VU4530M

    Furla VU4531

    Furla VU4532

    Furla VU4550

    Furla VU4553M

    Furla VU4555 Darina

    Furla VU4556

    Furla VU4557T

    Furla VU4558

    Furla VU4559

    Furla VU4579 Alexie

    Furla VU4588

    Furla VU4711 Audrey

    Furla VU4736S

    Furla VU4754

    Furla VU4755 Oxalis

    Furla VU4756

    Furla VU4757 Anemone

    Furla VU4758

    Furla VU4759S Allium

    Furla VU4790 Belleville

    Furla VU4791 Lollipop

    Furla VU4793 Belleville

    Furla VU4794 Belleville

    Furla VU4795 Giglio

    Furla VU4796 Giglio

    Furla VU4797 Giglio

    Furla VU4799 Piper

    Furla VU4800 Piper

    Furla VU4800S Piper

    Furla VU4801 Portopino

    Furla VU4802 Portofino

    Furla VU4804 Scilla

    Furla VU4837 Minerva

    Furla VU4838 Olimpia

    Furla VU4839 Olimpia

    Furla VU4840 Scilla

    Furla VU4840S Scilla

    Furla VU4842 Dalia

    Furla VU4843 Gemini

    Furla VU4844 Venus

    Furla VU4857 Pelion

    Furla VU4858 Pelion

    Furla VU4859S Frida

    Furla VU4860S Frida

    Furla VU4861 Meridienne

    Furla VU4862 Candy

    Furla VU4869 Candy

    Furla VU4870 Candy

    Furla VU4871 Zizi

    Furla VU4872 Zizi

    Furla VU4873 Globe

    Furla VU4874 Globe

    Furla VU4875 Arcadia

    Furla VU4876 Arcadia

    Furla VU4877 Cortina

    Furla VU4878S Lilli

    Furla VU4879S Lilli

    Furla VU4880S Melissa

    Furla VU4908 Cherie

    Furla VU4909 Linda

    Furla VU4910 Linda

    Furla VU4911S College

    Furla VU4912 Candy

    Furla VU4941 Melody

    Furla VU4942 Tate

    Furla VU4943 Tate

    Furla VU4944 Spy

    Furla VU4945 Spy

    Furla VU4946 Spy

    Furla VU4947S College

    Furla VU4948S Frame

    Furla VU4949S Frame

    Furla VU4950 Zizi

    Furla VU4951 Zizi

    Furla VU4952 Melody

    Special Features

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Furla Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £29

    Furla Glasses

    Furla Glasses feature sleek, elegant silhouettes.  Furla glasses boast modern styles that suit wearers of all face shapes. Find a great pair of Furla glasses here.

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