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  • Buy Flexon prescription glasses online at SmartBuyGlasses . The latest eyeglasses are available for Men, Women and Kids and we offer you a Free Delivery Service on every purchase.


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    Flexon Autoflex 39

    Flexon Autoflex 400 UltraClip-Set

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    Flexon Autoflex 402 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 403 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 404 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 405 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 406 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 407 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 408 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 409 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 41

    Flexon Autoflex 410 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 411 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 412 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 413 UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Autoflex 44

    Flexon Autoflex 47

    Flexon Autoflex 53

    Flexon Autoflex 54

    Flexon Autoflex 55

    Flexon Autoflex 59

    Flexon Autoflex 62

    Flexon Autoflex 63

    Flexon Autoflex 77

    Flexon Autoflex 81

    Flexon Autoflex 82

    Flexon Autoflex 83

    Flexon Autoflex 84

    Flexon Autoflex 85

    Flexon Autoflex 86

    Flexon Autoflex 87

    Flexon Autoflex 88

    Flexon Autoflex 89

    Flexon Big Air 2

    Flexon Blading

    Flexon Cliffhanger

    Flexon Corkscrew

    Flexon Drafting

    Flexon FL 197

    Flexon FL 429

    Flexon FL 432

    Flexon FL 438

    Flexon FL 439

    Flexon FL 445

    Flexon FL 449

    Flexon FL 450

    Flexon FL 451

    Flexon FL 454

    Flexon FL 455

    Flexon FL 458

    Flexon FL 459

    Flexon FL 464

    Flexon FL 465

    Flexon FL 466

    Flexon FL 467

    Flexon FL 468

    Flexon FL 473

    Flexon FL 477

    Flexon FL 479

    Flexon FL 480

    Flexon FL 481

    Flexon FL 482

    Flexon FL 483

    Flexon FL 484

    Flexon FL 485

    Flexon FL 486

    Flexon FL 487

    Flexon FL 507

    Flexon FL 508

    Flexon FL 512

    Flexon FL 516

    Flexon FL 517

    Flexon FL 519

    Flexon FL 520

    Flexon FL 521

    Flexon FL 522

    Flexon FL 600

    Flexon FL 601

    Flexon FL 603

    Flexon FL 606

    Flexon FL 607

    Flexon FL 610

    Flexon FL 613

    Flexon FL 617

    Flexon FL 618

    Flexon FL 624

    Flexon FL 628

    Flexon FL 632

    Flexon FL 633

    Flexon FL 635

    Flexon FL 642

    Flexon FL 646

    Flexon FL 647

    Flexon FL 651

    Flexon FL 652

    Flexon FL 653

    Flexon FL 658

    Flexon FL 660

    Flexon FL 661

    Flexon FL 662

    Flexon FL 663

    Flexon FL 664

    Flexon FL 665

    Flexon FL 666

    Flexon FL 667

    Flexon FL 668

    Flexon FLX 801Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 803Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 806Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 807Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 810Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 881Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 883Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 889Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 891Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 894Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 895Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 896Mag-Set

    Flexon FLX 897Mag-Set

    Flexon Hawk

    Flexon Inverted

    Flexon Kickflip

    Flexon Launch

    Flexon Ledge

    Flexon Pyramid

    Flexon Ripped

    Flexon Slammed

    Flexon Supermoto

    Flexon Tic Tac

    Flexon Tomahawk UltraClip-Set

    Flexon Wedge

    Flexon Whip

    Special Features


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Type

    Frame Material

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    glasses you buy,
    we give one to
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    Flexon Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from £25

    Flexon Glasses

    Flexon glasses are made with an innovating “memory metal”, making them strong and comfortable in any conditions. Since launching in 1988, Flexon has garnered worldwide popularity and expanded the range of glasses to include styles for men, women and kids. Choose from flattering frame shapes like square, round or rectangle, and enjoy scratch-resistant lenses that are specially treated to reduce glare even in bright conditions. For prescription glasses that are easy to wear and comfortable, slip on a pair of Flexon glasses. Add some sunglasses to your wardrobe too with a stylish pair of Ray-Ban 4165.

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