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    Buy Adidas prescription glasses online at SmartBuyGlasses . The latest eyeglasses are available for Men, Women and Kids and we offer you a Free Delivery Service on every purchase.


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    Adidas A953

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    Adidas A958

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    Adidas A001

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    Adidas A672

    Adidas A673 For Kids

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    Adidas A677

    Adidas A686 Litefit

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    Adidas A688 Litefit

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    Adidas A690

    Adidas A690 Litefit

    Adidas A691 Litefit

    Adidas A692 Litefit

    Adidas A693 Litefit

    Adidas A694

    Adidas A694 Litefit

    Adidas A695 Litefit

    Adidas A696 Base-X

    Adidas A697 For Kids

    Adidas A708

    Adidas A774

    Adidas A888

    Adidas A892 Ambition

    Adidas A961

    Adidas A962

    Adidas A964

    Adidas A972

    Adidas A974

    Adidas A976

    Adidas A977

    Adidas A988

    Adidas A989

    Adidas A990

    Adidas A991 Ambition For Kids

    Adidas A992

    Adidas A993 Litefit For Kids

    Adidas A994 Ambition

    Adidas A995

    Adidas A995 Litefit

    Adidas A996 Litefit

    Adidas A997

    Adidas A998

    Adidas A999 For Kids

    Adidas A999 Litefit

    Adidas AF01 Shapelite

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    Adidas AF03

    Adidas AF04 Shapelite

    Adidas AF05 Base-X

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    Adidas AF07 Base-X

    Adidas AF08 Base-X

    Adidas AF09

    Adidas AF10 Streamlite

    Adidas AF11 Streamlite

    Adidas AF12 Streamlite

    Adidas AF13 Streamlite

    Adidas AF14 Lazair

    Adidas AF15 Lazair

    Adidas AF16 Lazair

    Adidas AF17 Lazair

    Adidas AF18 Lazair

    Adidas AF19 Lazair

    Adidas AF20 Invoke

    Adidas AF21 Lazair

    Adidas AF22 Invoke

    Adidas AF23 Invoke

    Adidas AF26 Lazair

    Adidas AF27 Lazair

    Adidas AF28 Streamlite

    Adidas AF29 Streamlite

    Adidas AF37

    Adidas AF38

    Adidas AF41

    Adidas AF48/40

    Adidas AF48/50

    Adidas AF49/40

    Adidas AF49/50

    Adidas AF51/40

    Special Features

    Most Popular Shapes

    • Pilot
    • Square

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Adidas Glasses


    Adidas Glasses

    Durable, performance-orientated glasses are yours for less from the Adidas glasses collection. The same trusted technology and style you already love from the line of Adidas sporting wear and sunglasses is now available in a selection of prescription eyewear, in stylish offerings for both men and women. Adidas glasses are high performance and durable just like their trusted brand of sports accessories and goods.

    Adidas Sport

    Since 1948, athletes have been trusting Adidas for the utmost in protection and performance for their sporting needs. Your eyes need and deserve the best in optical care, and you can get just that will Adidas eyewear.

    Adidas Prescription Glasses

    Rimless and semi-rimless styles are available, so you can choose to a pair that catches attention or a simple pair of Adidas prescription glasses that doesn’t. Colours like black and grey are simple to wear, while other designs come with a dash of bright green or blue for a touch of personality, just like the Adidas A976 available in 9 bold colours. The same wraparound, fitted feel in the sunglasses collection adorns the collection from Adidas prescription glasses. Your everyday life needs glasses that perform, and this collection has them. Barely-there, lightweight acetate arms and frames make these glasses so comfortable and well-fitting, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

    SmartBuyGlasses UK

    Shop for sports wear glasses such as the Adidas A886, along with an extensive selection of sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses UK today.

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